Waffle House Nogs Get Into Brawl Over Dishwashing Duties


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This video contains some nogs at a Memphis Waffle House getting into a fight over dishwashing duties.

And to think there are people who say that we are bad because we compare these nogs to monkeys. The thing is, the vast majority of these nogs act like uncivilized savage beasts. Prove me wrong after you watch this video. The footage doesn’t lie.

We need to start replacing these nogs with robots. At least robots can be programmed to not act like niggers.


I honestly think monkeys are better behaved than niggers.



Who would eat food served by these nogs?


Are xenoestrogens causing sheboons to act constantly as if they were on the rag? Is this s.thing that the CDC or FDA should investigate?


Notice that the default mode of the nog, when faced with any kind of dispute, is violence. Often ultra-violence. On my old broken down laptop I had compiled a collection of dindus fighting and sometimes killing over the most trivial of matters.


Hilarious. You could take that audio and overlay it on a video of a cage of monkeys at a zoo and nobody would know or could tell the difference.
The only difference between these low IQ subhuman forms and simians is the lack of a prehensile tail, and I’m not even so sure about that.


Waffle houses / public libraries / swimming pools / movie theaters / classrooms / commercial aircraft and niggers don’t mix.



Don’t forget Chuck E. Cheese’s. There have been plenty of nog brawls there:

They Wildin: Brawl Breaks Out At A Chuck E Cheese In Buffalo, NY

Caught on Camera: Brawl at Chuck E. Cheese’s - Victorville, CA

Massive fight at Florida Chuck E Cheese’s


that’s right… you can train a monkey.


EXACTLY… The Haitian jigaboos that infest my area are FILTHY. i no longer go out to eat because they might be handing my food. you don’t notice at first glance but then look closer and they are revolting. i’ll try to get some pics of these savages relaxing in sidewalk filth and wiping their noses on their dresses.


And Red Lobster! I can remember back in the 80s going to Red Lobster and it was considered a fairly nice chain of family restaurants. Now it’s niggers fighting over the last crab leg.


I was in Florida for a wedding not too long ago and was shocked that Disney World had Haitians working in the food departments - and we stayed at the most expensive Disney Hotel.

Came home with a virulent case of food poisoning - my husband wanted to take me to the emergency room I was vomiting so much. Took me weeks to get over it.


Anything associated with Disney should be avoided, madam. It’s been thoroughly kiked since the 80s.



Eating food from those nogs = Putting a bullet through your head with a 86400 time slow-motion.


Oh, I agree - when Jews wrested the company away from the Disney family - but this was my niece’s wedding…

Disney fought Jews his entire career:



An interesting example of how the Jews have Jewed Disney is the case of The Lion King. Way back in the 1950s, the “father of manga,” Osamu Tezuka, created a comic called “Jungle Emperor Leo.” Tezuka was a great admirer of Disney films and idolized Walt Disney. He’s even said to have watched Bambi 80 times and he introduced the large Bambi eyes that one sees today in anime and manga. In the early 60s, Tezuka met with Walt Disney, showed him Jungle Emperor Leo, and the two agreed on a collaboration to create an animated feature based on the comic. Sad to say, Disney died in 1966 and the plan for a Jungle Emperor Leo film was shelved. In the late 60s the comic was adapted for US audiences as Kimba the White Lion. This cartoon series was pretty famous when I was a little kid in the 70s.
By the time Osamu Tezuka died in 1989, Disney Studios was in the clutches of the vile kikes. The rats only waited 5 years after his death to somehow create The Lion King, a blatant rip-off of Tezuka’s characters, setting, and plot. “But, goy-san, our lion is named Simba and is brown, while yours is named Kimba and is white. Oy vey, it’s completely different!”