Virginia Blackface-MeToo Fiasco Continues


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Right now in Virginia we have the top three Democrat political figures involved in some type of scandal. Governor Ralph Northam was discovered in a 1984 yearbook photo depicting a guy in blackface and another guy in a KKK outfit. The Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax a Negro is being accused of forcing a Negress to suck his dick. And on top of that we have the Attorney General Mark Herring also admitting to doing blackface back in the 1980s. They’re all under an increasing amount of pressure to resign their positions. And if all of them end up being forced out, a Republican would become the state’s governor.

The whole situation is retarded. I do not believe that doing blackface back in the 1980s is reason enough to disqualify someone from political office. You had people in mainstream pop culture doing blackface comedy skits back in the 2000s. One example was Jimmy Kimmel doing blackface pretending to be the black basketball player Karl Malone.

The fact that this blackface stuff is now a new standard that everybody is jumping on board with is completely ridiculous. It is stupid that Republicans in particular are pushing this in their quest to prove that Democrats are the real racists. They should instead be calling for an end to all of this political correctness which is destroying our ability to have real and frank conversations about topics like race. And besides, Northam’s comments supporting infanticide is a much better and more prudent talking point to use when demanding his resignation. Those comments were completely insane.

This whole fiasco is showing that people are now being told that they have to answer for doing things in the past that were not considered culturally inappropriate or problematic at the time. But due to the ever changing standards of political correctness, they are being told to answer for their past actions based on a completely new set of societal standards. It’s almost like arresting somebody retroactively for doing something that wasn’t illegal at the time.

The MeToo situation Fairfax finds himself in is funny in its own right. That’s because during the Brett Kavanaugh hearing you had all these feminist cunts claiming that women must always be believed no matter what. So based on their own standards, they should be calling for Fairfax to step down because due process according to them doesn’t matter.

It is a very stupid set of circumstances. All three of them are probably going to be forced to step down at some point. But no matter what happens it has put the Democrat Party in a very difficult situation. They’re the ones who have been always yelling and crying about racism and how we always have to believe women. So for them not to be calling for all three of these clowns to immediately resign, reveals their blatant ideological hypocrisy.



I find this all very amusing.


well, in fact they’d do that too if they could but all that they can do is attack their civil war monument visages. political correctness is holding history hostage.

lol… yeah, even NPR couldn’t ignore this story. it’s fun to watch the liberals squirm in their own politically correct slime.


Blackface has now replaced campaign (((finance violations))), DUIs, mistress abortions, rapist Niggers and infanticide.-----red herring fallacy goy



This is similar to hunting down 95 year old men who were guards in prison camps seventy five years ago.

Forget murderers, rapists, etc. the government will focus all their money and assets hunting down people who posed in blackface fifty years ago.


The 95 year olds were brave and honorable men, whereas the politicians are timeserving rogues who richly deserve being hoist on their own petards.


Dems: Virginia is drowning in hateful Confederate symbols. Erase them.

Repubs: Yes, you are the real racists. Time to atone for your past.


You definitely have the right attitude.


The best course of action would be if Governor Northam simply allowed himself to be literally torn apart by a black mob and eaten alive. There’s no other way to atone for his unspeakable crimes.