Virginia Attorney General Admits to Doing Blackface in 1980s


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WTF is going on in Virginia? This is one of the weirdest political situations I’ve seen in quite awhile.

The Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is under fire for promoting infanticide along with his apparent appearance in a yearbook photo showing a guy in blackface next to a guy in a KKK outfit. He also admitted to doing blackface when he dressed up in a Michael Jackson costume back in the 1980s.

After this scandal broke, it was revealed that Virgina’s Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax may have done a #MeToo on some bitch.

And just recently, the Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring admitted to doing blackface back in the 1980s also.

This is some really weird shit. It would seem as if all of these scandals are designed to distract from the fact that Northam and other Democrats have decided to talk about how they are in favor of legalizing the murder of infants. I’ve never seen a situation in which the top three political figures of a state get into such a political mess all at once. So this seems to be one of the more logical explanations for all of this chaos happening.

I mean, WTF are we talking about here any way? Blackface back in the 1980s? #MeToo? And speaking of #MeToo where’s all those skanks saying that “women must be believed?” That’s all we heard during the Kavanaugh hearings last year and now they’re silent about this latest situation.

American politics is such a fucking circus. This is just more proof of it.


Bill and Hillary , they always appear to be untouchable



Thought I’d throw this one nugget in. This is on a beach in Tel Aviv. Only Israel is apparently allowed to be a ‘racist’ ethnostate.


The vile Joy Behar too.

How about it ABC. You OK with this?

Freaking hypocrites!!

Joy Behar Wore ‘African Woman’ Costume

Joy Behar, the anti-President Trump commentator on ABC’s “The View,” wore blackface at the age of 29 to a Halloween party.

“It was a Halloween party, I went as a beautiful African woman,” Behar said.

Asked if she had tanning lotion on, Behar replied: “I had makeup that was a little bit darker than my skin.”


Ill tell you what, if those 3 were Republicans they’d be lynched by now.


“Beautiful” is a bit of an exaggeration.