VIDEO - Older Man Scares Off Two Attackers When He Pulls Out Gun In Chicago!


if you notice… the jigaboos in the ‘restaurant’ are just enjoying the show until the good white guy pulls out a gun THEN they all start screaming. and these scum want us to pay them reparations for being savages? give me a break.


Surprisingly the police didn’t come arrest the white guy for exercising his 2nd amendment rights. You know how shitcago is.


Too bad he didn’t blow them both away right there, which is what they deserve - and he would have done a public service ridding us of violent vermin.

The ONLY thing these beasts understand is immediate physical pain or the business end of a gun pointed straight between their eyes, administered without mercy.

Yeah, I know, he would have been tried as a “White Nationalist” and the attackers portrayed in the media as the victims…


yes, Shitcago is full of savages. in fact, if you notice the savages in the restaurant didn’t intervene but instead videotaped. they only got upset when the good white-guy pulls his gun. and the little savages have no qualms about attacking whites in broad daylight in view of security cameras and witnesses. blacks hate white people but it didn’t used to be this way. OBAMA ‘the uniter’ intentionally divided our country along racial lines.