Venezuela Forms Ties With Russia, Syria & Iran


the dumbass USA just can’t stop being collective morons. their sanctions against Russia and invasion of the Mid-East for Israel started this insanity and every time, Putin out-maneuvers the 9/11, Pentagon psychopaths who think that they are King fucking shit of the Universe.

now Maduro has solidified ties with Syria and Iran as well as Russia and China. The USA is looking more and more inept daily and Trumpy McTrumpface being a moron pentagon puppet, won’t talk to Putin like an equal but keeps putting-on new sanctions that only make things much worse.

What concerns US officials is that Vladimir Putin may be laying the ground for making Venezuela the defining foreign policy debacle for President Trump in the same way Syria became that for the Obama administration. Indeed, this week the Maduro and Assad regimes showcased their solidarity in Damascus, where Maduro Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza met with the Syrian leader. “The two Syrian and Venezuelan peoples’ fight against U.S. conspiracies and imperialism and the two will emerge victorious,” Arreaza said.

What raised the stakes was Russia’s well-publicized and provocative move on March 23 to land two planes with some 100 soldiers in Caracas. The ostensible reason for their arrival was to service Venezuela’s Russian-made S-300 air defense systems

so Russia has given Venezuela the ability to shoot down US invaders. what to do… basically all The Orange Goon can do is piddly cyber attacks but i’m certain now that the very very smart Russians won’t let that happen again. the only other tool is to keep pushing their Fed Reserve puppet as the “real” president but that’s not working out very well. i’m certain now that The Russians are going to gas that pos asap. Putin isn’t worried about being condemned by the Western Fake News. he’s going to do what he must do to counter US aggression.


It might be worth mentioning (since some users here may not know this) that Venezuela was one of the five founding members of OPEC, along with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, and guess who – Iran. The two countries have been close now for many years.


it’s also worth noting that all of these moronic sanctions on oil exports is raising the price of gas.


This was a great way to sum up your article. Well done!


Pretty much the entire world is sick of the big bully USA and all their sanctions telling them who they can trade with and who they should hate. The days of the great empire are limited.


that’s right and why the USA is attacking and invading and murdering around the globe. it all goes back to THE JEW BANKSTERS and greedy congressional 9/11 psychos. i can’t wait for Omar to bring up the 9/11 coverup. you won’t find a single xtian lawmaker ANYWHERE who has this much integrity and courage.