Vaccines cause brain damage


A video showing the degradation of neurons after exposure to tiny amounts of mercury.

The most effective way to dumb down the population (after smartphones) is vaccination. Thimerosal is a cheap and highly effective vaccine preservative favored by the Pharmaceutical cartels because it means vaccines can be stored without refrigeration. There are alternatives but they are more expensive and negatively impact profits.

If you have received your full regimen of vaccines you are probably brain damaged to some degree. If you are a parent you can ameliorate some of the impact by delaying and spacing out vaccinations as much as possible. If your doctor tells you it doesn’t make a difference he is only repeating what the pharmaceutical rep has told him and you might want to find another (preferably older) doctor. Also supplementing with vitamin c before and after vaccination and a daily dose of MSM will help the body to remove mercury and other heavy metals from the body (this can also reverse some of the brain damage). There is also evidence that vaccinations cause less problems in summer than winter, this may be because of more vitamin D in the body? I’m not anti-vaccination, some work (smallpox, rabies), most are like the new iphones, just money makers.


Fat-Boy Jones did a good segment on mercury in vaccines. if i remember correctly, it does NOT preserve at all. weird… but why not just refrigerate them or use food grade preservatives? shooting mercury into kids is insane.


When it comes to big pharma there is nothing they won’t do for a dollar. Statin drugs were developed for cancer - it didn’t work but it did lower cholesterol. So they developed a market by claiming that too much cholesterol caused heart disease. Problem is that the brain is 70% cholesterol… so if you wonder why there is a huge increase in dementia/Alzheimers it’s no surprise when half the population are taking these cholesterol inhibitors. You can’t make this shit up. The bottom line is most people are either stupid or stupidly trusting. I almost had a knock down fight with someone over the facts vs propaganda in science. He couldn’t get his head around the idea that scientists will say all sorts of crazy shit if there is enough money or social pressure involved. Politics and science can be a dangerous combination.

If you want an insiders perspective this is an interview buy someone who was pretty high up 03.19.12_virapen_john by Patrick Timpone | Free Listening on SoundCloud
starts about 5 minutes in.


i just read an article about a heart surgeon who denounced the “cholesterol” nonsense. he says that the people he’s treated have arteries that are rough and inflamed on the inside thereby causing the cholesterol to clot and form an obstruction. it’s the inflammation that causes the problem not the cholesterol and that comes from a bad diet. i also believe inactivity plays a huge role.