US Women's Soccer Team Demanding "Equal Pay"


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I recently penned an article over at the Daily Stormer describing how the US Women’s Soccer team embarrassed themselves and the entire country with their annoying antics during the recent women’s World Cup. Yet despite that, the Jewish media is portraying them as paragon’s of virtue.

I obviously disagree with this assessment. I think they’re a bunch of obnoxious feminist cunts who need an extreme attitude adjustment.

Fresh off of their World Cup win, they’re on television demanding equal pay even though they don’t do equal work. The men’s World Cup is the most popular sporting event in the world and brings in billions of dollars of revenue. The women’s World Cup only gets a small fraction of what the men’s event generates. So why do these entitled skanks believe that they’re entitled to earn the same amount as the men?

They’re basically demanding that FIFA subsidize their tournament earnings in the name of toxic feminism. It’s entirely insane what they are asking for. It’s not even equal pay for equal work, it’s equal pay for far less quality work. These bitches couldn’t even defeat a team of 15-year-old boys back in 2017.

And worse yet is we got Megan Rapinoe the star dyke player of the team on CNN bashing the orange man in the White House. The bitch needs to shut the fuck up. Doesn’t she have some rancid pussy to eat or something?

These spoiled and entitled cunts can fuck the hell off. I can’t wait until they’re out of the news cycle. Their smug arrogance makes me sick. They are a shame on us all.


Give them all a year’s worth of Super Male Vitality & call it even.

P.S. Anybody got a link for this? I assume that it’s true.


The rude, abrasive behavior of these thoroughly unpleasant women is another indication of how low our culture has sunk. Their incessant preening and aping of masculine behavior is truly cringeworthy.


The highest Australian female team lost by a landslide to a high school boy’s team a few years ago. Pathetic


i didn’t even know they existed until the other day.
Sportsbawl is so uninteresting.


half of these cunts are probably trans sodomites



No question about it. I remember the US women’s soccer team back in the 1990s that had Mia Hamm on it. And while I didn’t give a shit about the team, they weren’t a horrible group of unlikable skanks like this crew. They at least represented the country without embarrassment.


This is what a true Aryan female athlete looks like:



Fusa womyn team larping as Cameroon womyn nigger football team, absolutely sick! At least they dont spit at others but still comparable.



The Number one female team in Australia lost to a high school boy’s team 7 to 0 a few years back