US Reportedly Has Plan to Deploy 120,000 Troops if Iran Attacks


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If Iran decides to defend itself from the American military buildup around its country, the neocons have a plan to deploy 120,000 troops to the region. This is reportedly the work of John Bolton.

The Sun:

THE US is planning to deploy as many as 120,000 troops to the Middle East if Iran attacks American forces, a bombshell report claimed last night.

In chilling echoes of the invasion of Iraq, US defence chiefs have reportedly drawn up fresh military plans that would see a huge response to Iranian aggression.

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan revealed the audacious strategy to America’s top national security aides last Thursday, according to the New York Times.

The top secret plans are said to spell out how a vast land, air and sea force would be sent to America’s regional allies bordering Iran should its foe attack US forces.

The deployment could also be sparked if Iran accelerates its work on nuclear weapons, according to defense sources – in breach of an international treaty.

President Trump’s hard-line national security adviser John Bolton is said to have ordered the heavily beefed-up military plans in response to growing tensions in the region.

So we have plans to deploy 120,000 soldiers over to the other side of the world to protect Israel, but when our own country is being invaded by endless hordes of brown monsters, a few thousand soldiers are deployed and they aren’t even allowed to use force to stop the invaders.

This is insane and a total misuse of the American military. It makes the possibility of a false flag attack all the more real. It is doubtful that Bolton is putting together these plans for shits and giggles. He’s a crazy Zionist piece of shit who absolutely wants to see a war with Iran happen and he’ll order any mechanism necessary to ensure it happens.


120,000 morons. Let them go. I almost feel bad for them but not really.


Imagine what could be accomplished on the Southern Border with just 10% of 120,000 troops stopping the wetback flood. No offense, but how anyone can support Trump at this point is beyond me.


May the false flags begin.


The American People allow this insanity. they’ve been brainwashed into thinking that Israel is important to the defense of America when just the opposite is true. we don’t need an “ally” in the region because the only war threat is against Israel itself… President Kushner and his 9/11 terrorist pal, Silverstein are continuing with the 9/11 Jew Terrorist plot to destroy all enemies of Israel which stalled when Putin finally figured-out that Russia too was on the hit-list.

the only way to protect Iran and keep our dream of the destruction of Israel is for Russia to counter US Zio- aggression with thousands of Russian troops to protect Iran and Syria. also, Iran MUST get nuclear weapons asap. i’d love to see the goyim pawn soldiers get their moron asses nuked. ‘oh, the humanity.’


Not fucking surprised.

We are NOT allowed to protect ourselves against an ongoing invasion from the south, our borders are wide open, now this.

Those who say the U.S. is a colony of Israel are not wrong.