University professor gets verbally disembowled


The state of teaching these days… smdh… This guy gives a great lesson in how to deal with cat ladies. Show no mercy.


She’s a faculty member??? You’ve got to be kidding me.


Who is this guy? He’s good!


I’m not a fan of the fag Hoover of the FBI but his book, Masters of Deceit, clearly predicted the next wave of infiltration through the educational class.


Even Nixon used to write about how America’s weakest point was its border with Mexico (cf. e.g. The Real War).

But, yes, there’s a lot of value to be found in some of those old books. Even liberal NY senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan did much to promote the term “linguistic infiltration”, by which was meant the tendency for Americans to accept & use terms popularized by the USSR. I don’t think he coined the phrase, but he promoted it. For example, we always heard the foreign, unfamiliar, & maybe slightly scary term “Apartheid”. We never heard the real name which was ‘White survival mechanism’. Of course the media always used the anti-White term.


Wow, nice Moynahan quote. Not a fan of his but totally correct. The Marxist sometimes seem better in vocabulary but lack heart and love of soil. Honestly, his name irritates me with the Penn Station project. Yes, I am a railroad historian but not a foamer.


Our southern border is our soft underbelly. Tijuana Mayor says that non Spanish speakers are trying to cross and wants the wall. I believe that allowing our “well regulated militias” to supplement Border Patrol will do the job.


The mere term verbal disembowelment sounds violent enough to terrify them.


I agree: But the government doesn’t…

FBI, Local Police Arrest Vigilante Border Militia Member

Washington Post:

An armed militia was ‘detaining’ migrants at the border. The FBI arrested its leader.

Vigilanteism is a normal and natural reaction when the government won’t protect the people, won’t uphold its own laws - or in this case, is allowing a continued, mass invasion of foreign brown hordes from the south. In fact, the government appears to be supporting this invasion by releasing the scum into the U.S. to commit crimes against American citizens.

You can see the reaction from the government from the headlines above when citizens are trying to protect themselves, their loved ones and their homeland from this onslaught. Immediate. Harsh and punitive.

Just (((who))) is the American government working for.

Go die for Israel, goyim, send your sons! - While our own homeland is under mass invasion.


what he fails at is that there is certainly a big intellectual difference between the races. he pretends not but is afraid to say so.

the fact that at a university, teachers must be schooled on the difference between free-speech and violence is alarming. this pos liberal ‘professor’ is just repeating a bunch of leftist bullshit because they have lost the arguments and rather than change their beliefs, move to shut-down logic and reason from the opposition.


This is what universities are like today:

Send your kids to a technical college to learn a useful, practical skill. They’ll need it.