Undue Influence of Football Coaches


I had a friend back in the 90s when I was in school. We liked to drink too much, watch David Lynch Films, and listen to good music. One night, the topic of women in sports came up. I said to him, “You ever notice men in sports turn born again and women in sports turn lesbian?”. He laughed and said, “There’s a reason for that. Take football, there are so many stories about high school football players letting their friends on the team take turns with their sister/girlfriend that they carry guilt/shame over that–Jesus takes that away. With women, anywhere there are a lot of women there are a lot of lesbians”. Having shared that, I’d like to make this observation.

It seems that to many Churchians (Born-Agains, Megachurch) the “Godly” Football Coach is highly influential. The “Godly” Football Coach is part Anthony Robbins, part Spiritual Guru, and part politician. You will often hear white baby boomers (and even some true believers from Generation X) speak in hushed tones about how “powerful”, “spiritual”, and “determined” these coaches are. Often times, these coaches speak of their “past sins” with racism but overcame these sins after seeing black athletes perform better than white players.

One of the best examples of this sort of coach, is Bill McCartney. He is a Catholic who “Became a Christian”–that is to say got “saved” and became a low Church Protestant. McCartney is a man with a ton of baggage: domestic violence, gambling, alcoholism, and a daughter that had a child out of wedlock with a Samoan Football Player (all of this while being “Saved”). McCartney started the Promise Keepers, which was supposed to bring “Muscular Christianity” back into the various low Church Protestant Denominations. Back in the 90s, (((Feminists))) were complaining about the “Political Extremism” within the organization. One thing Promise Keepers stressed, was “Breaking down denomination/racial barriers”. In other words, recruiting Catholics (to become saved-and join the megachurch) and bringing in nigs. IMHO one of the biggest reasons why megachurches became increasingly peppered with POCs, was because of Promise Keepers.

Another good example of a “Godly” Coach was Tom Osborne from the University of Nebraska. While coaching in Nebraska, Osborne was known to recruit thugs and criminals. He laid it on thick with the Elmer Gantry talk, and the born agains ate it up. Osborne famously defended a player by the name of Lawrence Phillips. While Phillips was playing for the University of Nebraska, he had two separate charges for assaulting two different women. Osborne was big into talking about “second chances” and justifying keeping Phillips on the team because of his deep Christian Faith. Phillips went on to play for a three different NFL Teams, he also continued to act as a criminal. He ended up in prison, and committed suicide in 2016.

It has been commented that the demise of Sportsball is a good thing for whites, and I agree. It is bad enough that whites worship nig football players, but it is even worse that they worship Christcuck Coaches. Please share your thoughts.


I use to play HS football back in the day and basically the coaches had their own cult following and their followers would get to play over better players.


Can’t say I’m surprised.