Undercover reporter films anti-Semitic Chelsea fans making Nazi salutes, singing about 'Yids' and imitating a gas chamber in Lille

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The Chelsea fans were allegedly hissing to imitate the noise of a “gas chamber”. Yet even the Hoaxers admit that there was no pressurised hydrogen cyanide (HCN) being pumped through water pipes for delivery from fake shower heads.

Hoaxers had to imagine that somehow the Zyklon B carrier material could evaporate to release sufficient HCN to kill all the supposed victims, even though their exhaled air is at least 4% water vapour, the Zyklon evaporation is “seriously delayed” at high atmospheric humidity, HCN’s boiling point is 26 °C, Oświęcim in Poland has average temperatures ranging from -3.5 °C in January to 18.9 °C in July, the “gas chambers” weren’t airtight, etc…

Technically, the fans should have made moaning sounds and cries of “Oy Vey”. But the hissing is probably even funnier.


It is impossible to get through a single day without being bombarded with whining about racism.

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