UK: Two Coronavirus Tests a Week to Live Normally

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The response to the coronavirus hoax has been especially stupid in the United Kingdom. Boris Johnson is urging people to take two coronavirus tests a week as part of a way to return to a normal way of life.

Everyone in England will be urged to take a coronavirus test twice a week as a new system of coronavirus passports is assessed for wide-scale use under Prime Minister Boris Johnson's plan to reopen the economy after lockdown.

— Stars and Stripes (@starsandstripes) April 5, 2021

This is just insanity. They are encouraging people who have no symptoms and do not feel sick to take coronavirus tests twice a week. Just what is this shit?

People say that we should follow the science. Well, let me ask the obvious question. What scientific data states that a person without symptoms should be tested this regularly for a virus? No serious people in the world of virology endorsed the theory of asymptomatic transmission prior to this hoax.

This entire concept is especially stupid when we already know that the tests themselves are flawed and generate all sorts of false positives.

I’m sick of this gay ass hoax.

I want every person responsible for pushing this hoax on the world to be put on trial for high crimes and executed. If you disagree with my view, I really don’t give a shit because my view is the correct one. We need to send all these people to hell as soon as possible. The damage they have done to the world is incalculable.


Max Igan

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Saw this comment on 4chan:

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This link will take you to a very good video from Brother Nathanael, well worth watching.

Note the numeral in the URL. LOL