UK Heads to New Elections After Brexit Defeat


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Due to a bunch of shill politicians refusing to implement Brexit despite the British people voting in favor of it, Boris Johnson has been forced to call for new elections.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will ask parliament to approve a new general election Wednesday evening, after a majority of lawmakers in the House of Commons voted to wrest control of the legislative timetable away from his Conservative-led government.

Johnson had lost his governing majority Tuesday when one of his party’s disgruntled members defected to the opposition party, the Liberal Democrats.

A crucial vote Tuesday night meant opposition lawmakers together with a small number of Johnson’s fellow Conservatives could introduce a piece of fresh legislation Wednesday afternoon to block the government from pursuing an exit from the European Union without a negotiated withdrawal settlement at the end of October.

Johnson has argued that this threat of a “no-deal Brexit” is necessary for him to win a compromise in negotiations with the EU, because of the expectation of economic damage that it would inflict on Europe.

And he has insisted that if the legislation to block what his opponents call a “disorderly” Brexit passes on Wednesday, only an election will help decide, in Johnson’s words, “who goes to Brussels to sort this out,” at the next summit of European leaders scheduled for mid-October.

This whole fiasco shows what a hoax democracy is. The British people voted for Brexit three years ago and yet they continue to refuse to implement the will of the people. There’s always some excuse thrown out as to why they can’t just leave the European Union.

Guess we’ll see what happens in mid-October when they do the election. It will be interesting to see how Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party does. Of course, I am not optimistic that Brexit will be implemented even though it appears as if Boris Johnson is legitimately trying to move things forward.


As usual, they will continue to vote until they get the desired results.


Why is it so prevalent in the western world, that when the people vote on something their leaders do the exact opposite? Who is in control,the people in democratic nations or is someone else running things? Who are those people and why haven’t they been exposed,?


I’ve given up on normie conservatives: they have nothing to offer but brute force. But I sometimes wonder whether lefty normies will ever wake up & see that their whole lives they’ve been promoting the agenda of the fabulously wealthy global elite. I mean, probably not, but I sometimes wonder about it.