U2's New Alt-Right Music Video Endorses KKK Control of America


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U2’s new music video entitled “Get Out of Your Own Way” is a masterpiece. It endorses Donald Trump’s White supremacist presidency and an America controlled by the KKK.

Here are some of my observations.

It portrays KKK members as normal productive members of society with families.

It endorses the KKK marching against faggots.

It depicts full support for Donald Trump’s White supremacist presidency.

It denounces the third world invasion of White nations by mocking the retarded beach baby meme.

It endorses Trump’s planned border wall to keep out subhuman filth.

It calls out the Jew menace by depicting these filthy kikes as a rat hell bent on global destruction.

It mocks multiculturalism as a diabolical Jew construction.

It denounces Jew usury by depicting the burning of Federal Reserve Notes.

Watch it for yourself. I’m sure you will see that Bono and U2 is fully on board with our Neo-Nazi agenda to implement global White supremacy!

Hail U2! Hail Bono! Hail Victory!



#37 in trending with a 5:1 like to dislike ratio.


So has Bono finally seen the light?

I remember when he was telling us Americans that it was “our duty” to “open America’s purse strings to Africa” - implying that we were uncaring and greedy.

Nevermind that billions upon billions have been poured into Africa with no result.

Can’t fix IQs of 60-80.

The U.S.'s IQ is dropping b/c we’ve let in so many of these filthy beasts.



That song sucks. Yes there is good animation but wtf ?! Going to play some Pantera to clean my ears.


This is kind of like that Jew York Times article that ended up making a sympathetic figure out of the “white nationalist”, Tony Hovater.


No doubt YouTube is screwing around with the actual number of dislikes to make it look as if that video isn’t hated as much as it really is.

Gay song, performed by aging baby boomer limousene liberals. But the pro-Klan and pro-Trump imagery make it worth watching.


“Beach Boy” makes a cameo appearance @ 2:15!


Does @Klarn know about this?


The lyrics are from a nigger, the video was directed by kikes. It is an anti-Trump video.


Last I checked U2 was very liberal. Is this some kind of Joke? I’m banned from Jew tube for about 20 more days I think.


I concur, U2 is full on, unapologetic 1488. Hail Bono! Hail Victory!


Take that back, they banned the UDWK account not my Brent Waller account so I was able to comment


Bono should be used for cannon ammo


No joke, I just wanted to get your perspective on it. No disrespect intended.


I’m waiting for U2 to cover “Some Niggers Never Die” or “Looking for a Handout”!


They can’t stand it that we fought gay marriage tooth and nail. Hence the Klansmen in front of that rainbow travesty of a Flag. I posted that video above on the comments. It’s made in Israel so it doesn’t suprise me. Something about putting out anti fag fliers in Orlando after the pulse nightclub faggot shot it up seems to have me at the top of the kike list


U2 was okay when they used to stand against England suppressing N Ireland but they have been fags for about 30 years now.


Sit back and enjoy…


Victory in our Stars

Byron de la Vandal