Two haji brother plumbers did not charge a Jew "survivor" in sympathy of holohoax fable


These plumbers exempted a $285 repair bill over a boo-hoo story the Jew deftly slithered to their ears of the Moslem plumber in hope to avoid paying the bill- guess what? It worked- due to low IQ haji brain function complex- they have a love-hate relationship with the kikes such as the golem story. But- this made a headline on Newsweek- it’s kinda of fishy going on- because: it benefits the Jews from this story, of course. And secondly the surname of the plumbers is Matari, which is simply Arabicised semitic orgin name. Aha! TWO red flags!
The Moslem plumbers should know they owe NOTHING to them heebs for stealing their land and countless crimes and atrocities against them.


This old woman was probably kvetching the moment they arrived, and decided not to charge her just to get out of there.


Were the plumbers also in tears?


Maybe not, but I bet the (((union boss))) was.


Does the holohoax card also bring discounts on McDonalds? I’ve always asked myself if being a holocaust “survivor” grants you a free happy meal every sabbat, you know.


the Ukrainians should try this