Tucker Prooves That Trump Wants to Loose Election


this is funny. it seems that conservatives are jumping off The Trump Train and for good reason. Candidate Trump was fantastic and i loved his speeches but President Trump is a total pos. Tucker does an excellent job highlighting Trumps policies that are alienating his base of support. The ONLY thing that might get Trump re-elected is a total dem whack-job opponent.


I really don’t see any way Jerusa-Trump will be reelected. All the nerver-trumpsters and demoncrats are still marching to the same tune by the media’s drum beat. They will all come out to vote democrat again in the same numbers. What will be the difference is the voters that voted for Trump the last time will either stay home or vote independent. The blacks, who didn’t have a black candidate to vote for will reemerge to vote democrat if they have a nig nog canadidate or mulatto running mate. Seriously, what is Trump going to rally people for this time after his promises of stopping illegals and, remember, deporting them went nowhere? Where is the wall? What about bringing home the troops? We are on the cusp of a recession and by 2020 people won’t be happy about the economy either. The democraps could bring out a stuffed scarecrow and they’d get votes, especially if it was brown or black, gay or lesbian. Add to that a few million here and a few million there of legal and illegal immigration and you’ll see states like Florida and others flip enough to turn the electoral college. There’s very little difference between the two parties anyway, just two heads of the same snake. We’ve lost the constitutional republic years ago, it just a matter of how long before the millennial socialists accelerate the collapse. Wait till the petro dollar is no longer king. We’re a third world country waiting to happen. I don’t see how Trump is going to generate the same amount of enthusiasm again.


I’m more optimistic in Trump getting re-elected. Simply for the reason that the Democrats have such a horrible field of candidates and shot themselves in the foot by promoting the Russia hoax over the past two years. They’ve also gone totally insane with the Green New Deal garbage and pushing literal infanticide.

But who knows. There’s lots of time between now and the 2020 election.


oh, i think he will be re-elected and i’d bet money on it.


if you look at the voting map, the entire center of the country is RED and the entire costal commie areas are blue. it’s really shocking to see that America is still very conservative despite the influx of millions of diseased, welfare savages… look for Trump to make a move to shore his base just before the election.