Tucker: (((Dems’))) message to americans on immigration is ‘shut up, you’re dying, we’re going to replace you’



One of the many reasons why we are not having as many babies is LGBT. Gay pride. Pushing men down and brow beating us. We NEED to step up as White Men and be MEN again. Quit cucking and accept you will be hated. Black and brown and all women envy us. BTW nothing turns a woman off more than being weak. Make Men Men Again.


Black, brown, Jews, and all women


don’t forget (((them)))


I count jews as brown. Some are light skinned after centuries of desk jobs and being afraid to go outside.


I rather use the umbrella Non-Europeans since many Asiatic groups are light skinned. Not just Semetics but also Orientals and Indo-Iranians


Asiatics are also the largest both in diversity(32-40 different sub-ethnic groups) and in numbers


I always find it funny how they hate on us but then beg us for protection and/or resources. Israel and most of Africa for example