Tucker Carlson Asks if Trump Doesn't Want to be Re-Elected


Originally published at: Tucker Carlson Asks if Trump Doesn’t Want to be Re-Elected | Infostormer.com

Tucker Carlson did an interesting monologue on his Fox News show yesterday. He asked if Trump doesn’t want to be re-elected.

He brought up the following things that Trump has already done or is looking at doing.

  • Half a billion dollars in Medicare cuts.
  • Slash funding for E-Verify.
  • Advocate bringing in more low skilled foreign workers.
  • Release drug dealers.
  • Continuing military intervention in Syria.
  • Raising gas taxes.

Trump did not run a campaign advocating any of these issues. These are all ideas that came from the Jew Jared Kushner and the gaggle of assholes he’s surrounded with.

Raising gas taxes is particularly insane because it is a tax on working class people. The “Yellow Vest” protests in France were kicked off largely because people were angry about a similar type of tax.

But what Tucker did here is good. He’s telling a largely pro-Trump audience of Republicans that Trump is failing in a number of areas. We could debate why he is doing those things all day long, but the reality of the situation is that he’s doing them and it isn’t good.

And sure, it’s possible Trump might not want to get re-elected, but if that were the case he should just come out and say it. It’s the only way where he might not totally destroyed if Democrats regain power.


this is NOT possible. Trump is an egomaniac. not getting a 2nd term would be a serious blow to his ego and he’s going to fight tooth and nail. the fact that he stringing along his base of support with lies like ‘leaving Syria’ is proof of that. he never had any intention of doing so unless he’s a dumbass. oh, wait, Trump IS a dumbass. maybe he thought that he could pull troops out of Syria and then got a scolding from The Jews. this is what makes sense. also, his “ISIS is defeated” rhetoric was another stupid thing to say because ISIS is a fluid organization that fades then resurfaces. it was an opening for Trump haters to pounce and that’s what they’re now doing with news about the resurgence of ISIS in Syria. but then add to this the fact that The US Military is actually supporting ISIS and you have a genuine ‘cluster fuck’ foreign policy, but i Digress…

long ago i noticed that Dukakis was intentionally blowing his attempt to defeat, Reagan. they had a photo-op with him pretending to support The US military by riding in a tank in a helmet. it was the goofiest goddamned thing i’d ever seen and back then i was a democrat. so if Trump starts doing this stupid shit, then YES, he’s intentionally trying to lose.