TruNews Banned From YouTube


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After the Christian-based YouTube channel TruNews put out a lengthy video exposing how Jews have been behind the impeachment hoax, their channel has been banned.

YouTube has banned us, again, all because of our Friday godcast. Watch what got us suspended for one week. It is still on our website.

— TruNews™ (@TruNews) November 26, 2019

This comes just days after the Anti-Defamation League put TruNews on a list of channels that they demanded be banned because they spoke the truth about Jews.

There’s no real surprise that this happened. After all, YouTube like the ADL is also run by Jews and they’ll ban anybody who tells the truth about Jews claiming that it is anti-Semitic to tell the truth about them.


YouTube continues to make itself irrelevant.


Dlive is objectively a better live streaming site any way. The chat system is a far more fun and entertaining to interact with. YouTube has become so Jewed now its ridiculous. You can’t even use it as a proper juke box without countless ads interrupting your listening experience.


Just further evidence of Jewish control of the Media. Any criticism of the Jewish agenda is reacted to with maximum reaction to silence the critic.
My hope is that the non-Jewish people will establish their own media outlets and starve the Jews. I personally refuse to pay for a movie, therefore not supporting Jewish Hollywood.