Trumpies Triggered by Burning Flag


i had to laugh when i read this story. as we all know, political protests are often designed to get people angry. the more that get angry, the more efficient your protest. … i remember the flag burning hoopla that engulfed our nation after some commies started burning american flags in protest. they were arrested and the case finally worked it’s way to the Supreme Court where in a 5/4 squeaker, it was rightfully ruled “FREE SPEECH”. the four jackass, neocon conservatives who dissented had about as much understanding of our 1st amendment as the dip-shit Trumpies who attacked The Commies who were expressing their rights. the irony couldn’t be more stark. a couple commies are teaching “patriots” a lesson about freedom. lol…

well, it turned into a bit of a brawl and The Heroes got involved and arrested the evil commie flag burners on a bunch of trumped-up bullshit .

you can do just about anything to The American Masses. you can torture-murder them in false-flag terrorist attacks, get them killed in wars for The Jews, flood their neighborhoods with African niggers, fire them from their jobs for political beliefs… but if you burn a piece of cloth, MADE IN CHINA with some red, white and blue markings, WATCH OUT.


muh civic nationalism


Burning the U.S. Flag = A-OK.

Try burning a gay, ISIS, antifa or Mexican flag and see what happens.


These fucking normies love the flag more than anything. They will literally go extinct hugging that stupid flag. Maybe we should motivate them by campaigning to replace the American flag with something more representative of our “multicultural tolerant society.”


It’s easy patriotism . Ironically those commie protesters are more ‘american’ than they.


As long as they come here “legally” is the GOP’s justification for white genocide.


well, if Trump gets a 2nd term, hopefully he’ll change our broken immigration laws to a MERIT BASED entry. flooding our country with uneducated, welfare savages is insanity.


But I wonder: do you think that we could use the colonial/early American (revolutionary) aesthetic to help us win people over to our ideas? If we could associate American Nationalism with that symbolism I believe that it would help us. Look at how popular the imagery in the 4th of July celebration in Washington, D.C. was. Screw Trump, but the crowds were great. Do you think it’s possible to get people to associate that imagery with our ideas? I don’t even worry about making them understand our ideas. I’m just talking about harnessing the brute force of the mob on behalf of American Nationalism.


While I would have said this is a good idea two years ago I don’t think it is now. I think we need to push normie whites into a corner and make them fight or not. They have to make the choice. I say we call the founders and the original republic what it was: white nationalists forming a white nationalist country. That is the truth and you either chose to be a white nationalist or you piss on muh founders you worship so much.


Maybe some of those “normies” would be willing to stand up and fight if they had a real Leader they could rally around, instead of that loud-mouthed con-artist from Queens.