Trump to Let In 30,000 Foreign Workers


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This is not America First. Why the fuck are we bringing in more foreigners to fill jobs?


The Trump administration plans to let an additional 30,000 foreigners return to the United States through September for seasonal work, a move that reflects how the booming economy has complicated President Donald Trump’s hard-line efforts on immigration.

Details of the plan were in a draft rule obtained by The Associated Press. It would benefit oyster shucking companies, fisheries, loggers and seasonal hotels — including Trump’s own Mar-a-Lago club in Florida. All use the visas to hire migrants for temporary work they say Americans won’t do.

The visas, known as H-2Bs, will go only to returning foreign workers who have had the visa before, over the past three budget years. Many go back to the same employers year after year. Those workers have had background checks, are trusted and are not likely to stay past their visa, officials said.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will begin taking applications from employers on behalf of the workers once the temporary rule is published in the Federal Register. That is expected Wednesday.

30,000 more foreign workers even if they are seasonal workers is not acceptable. All this does is depress wages for Americans. It is just another form of corporate welfare.

These companies should be paying Americans a proper wage to do these jobs instead. And if they don’t want to pay someone a proper wage, they should be looking into ways to automate these tasks.


Eventually, you would think a traditional conservative would see through this as an invasion plot. However there are none left to question it. It’s just us.

Old news really considering his previous stance on illegal immigration and (((legal))) immigrants flooding the US.

And from 2015 Washington Post:


Trump’'s "Greater American " plan is far different from our own
. We need to become independent from Foreigners markets.



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