Trump to Demand Money for Border Wall in Next Funding Bill


Originally published at: Trump to Demand Money for Border Wall in Next Funding Bill |

Many of us were not happy when the President signed that insane $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill a short while ago. It did not provide full funding for the border wall and wasted money on all sorts of stupid shit. He signed it primarily to fund the military while proclaiming that he was never going to sign another bill like that again.

We’ll have to see if he keeps his word on this but it looks like we’ll find out if he was serious about that statement in September. That’s when Congress has to pass another continuing resolution to keep the government open. Trump just said that he’s going to demand wall funding in the next package. What this means is that it looks as if he’s prepared to shut down the government if he doesn’t get wall funding.

And this is exactly what needs to happen. If the Democrats don’t want to support securing the border, let them campaign on that record in the midterms. Even a percentage of racial minorities aren’t going to support a platform that insists on looking out for illegal aliens before the natives. It’s an utterly insane political agenda.

But Trump really needs to take serious action on the border. Illegal immigration is back up and this caravan nonsense has been a real policy failure. He should have ordered the 101st airborne division with shoot to kill orders to guard the border. And this shit with the National Guard hasn’t helped matters at all. The wall needs to be built and it needs to be built yesterday.


The Beaner Wall would have great symbolic value, but the wetbacks would just find alternate routes to get in here, like packing themselves into trucks and trains. Ultimately there is no real solution to the nonwhite invasion short of machine gun towers, minefields, moats and concrete fortifications.


I thought Trump said he was going to take the money from the 700 billion dollar’s granted to the military, which he can do since it was a Bill and not a budget that Congress voted on. More and more I’m beginning not to trust this man.


Creating an invisible wall would help ,one made up of laws which cut any form of welfare or benefits to illegals, including drivers licenses , bank accounts etc!!!