Trump Says MAGA = "Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon"

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The orange man for some bizarre reason is claiming that MAGA now stands for “Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon.” All because they are trillion dollar tech monopolies and that this is somehow supposed to show people how great the economy is.

USA Today:

Big tech companies have occasionally been a target of President Donald Trump. But lately, he’s holding up the country’s quartet of $1 trillionvalued tech giants – Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft – as signs of the strong U.S. economy.

He even incorporated the companies into some of his electioneering lingo, noting that the four companies’ first letters can be used to form “MAGA,” a new twist on Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

“We have four trillion-dollar companies,” the president said Tuesday during a ceremony for the signing of the Supporting Veterans in STEM Careers Act. “One is Microsoft, one is Apple, one is Google, one is Amazon. So you have Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft. And so you have an M, you have an A, you have a G and you have an A. You have ‘MAGA.’ “

I don’t care if this is a joke or not. All of these companies have been responsible for helping destroy free speech on the Internet. They have been specifically responsible for silencing people who voted for and supported the orange man in 2016.

So to say that these companies have anything to do with MAGA is disgusting. I find it quite offensive to be honest.


At least Trump clarified what MAGA actually stands for because it sure as hell was not about helping Whites.


I wish he had just said that our government – and our freedom – were up for sale, & that Microsoft, Apple, Google, & Amazon bought them.


What a complete bait and switch.

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