Trump says he doesn’t believe report of Israel spying on White House



He’s such a disappointment.


Israel has the most aggressive espionage regime working 24/7 against the USA of any nation in history, and surely even orange man knows this.

It’s ok tho, they’re God’s Chosen people…


He’s just more of the same.


Jews lying and cheating? Unheard of!


Israel combined with the ADL and SPLC.


Trump must’ve owed his jew real estate handlers yuuuge and his entire presidency is more than likely something that was planned ahead in the 90s or earlier.
I will never vote again for anyone who isn’t fully pushing 14/88 strategies and sanity.


Do jews have dirt on everyone, or is Trump just naive?


I’d say probably some of both.
Everybody that is in power or in hollywood the jews have dirt on.
This is how they get everyone to push their evil agendas on all levels, whether social or political.