Trump Says Attacks on Conservatives by Big Tech is "Not Good"


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President Potato tweeted again about the ongoing agenda by big tech to ban right-wingers off the Internet. He said the situation was “not good.”

Big attacks on Republicans and Conservatives by Social Media. Not good!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 12, 2019

At this point, it feels like he’s just trolling his base with these stupid tweets. How many times has he tweeted or posted re-tweets about this problem? I’ve honestly lost count.

Theoretically he is supposed to be the fucking President of the United States. This means he could hold a meeting with the leadership of the Federal Communications Commission and order them to immediately reclassify these social media sites as public utilities. This would allow the government to mandate that they provide universal access to everyone and mandate that all content is on a level playing field. No weird algorithmic manipulations to suppress content etc.. It would only require them to hold a vote on the matter.

Under Barry Obama the FCC classified the Internet as a public utility and imposed net neutrality rules. This was a hoax designed to empower big tech and all these social media monopolies. It was sold as a way to protect free speech on the Internet by scaring people into believing that service providers were going to throttle traffic so they couldn’t access their favorite websites. But there were few if any meaningful examples of service providers doing this.

Net neutrality did nothing to protect free speech on the Internet. It only provided these social media behemoths with cheaper Internet bills. Hilarious considering that these social media companies have always been the primary source of censorship on the Internet. It wasn’t a bad thing when the FCC reversed its stance on this.

Long story short, if the Internet can be classified as a public utility under net neutrality rules, these social media companies can also be classified as such based on the fact that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube represents the 21st century version of the public square. They are where all meaningful public policy discussion is talked about and debated. If these companies ban you, it means you are banned from participating in the public conversation which goes against the fundamental spirit of the First Amendment.

So quit tweeting and get the fucking FCC involved Mr. Potato. The fact that myself and many others can’t participate in the public conversation is a violation of our rights. Not that you give a shit though. If you really gave a shit you would have already done something. Either way, your inaction is going to result in most if not all of your key supporters getting banned off the Internet.


100% of his key supporters who are more than his supporters in fact, it’s his true campaign team, have been banned.

I think than he will move his fat ass only when himself will get banned, or maybe he will go full dotard mod and do a press conference about how tech companies are so mean toward his person.

In other word, that kuso jiji is yelling at cloud, like anytime than he’s twatting.



Trump is like the boy that cried wolf. He threatens and threatens but never delivers, except for jews and Israel that is.

Worse than Obama. Let that sink in for a minute.


I’m begin to become more and more disgusted by conservative bitch. Even when it’s proved than Trump have screw up his presidency of his own and than he could have stop goblins invasion by declaring national emergency, they still defend him by blaming only democunts.

These NPC’s have no limit in there retardation.

USA have become a fucking cuddling fag republic where what matters is how people feel, even though it make 40 years than americans feeling discomfort in there own country, but all these crooked politicians doesn’t care.


Trump is just part of the script…everything is preplanned.

The illuminati card game is pretty interesting…

all planned many yrs in advance…


I don’t think it was planned in advance personally. All the establishment was very pro Rhodam and all the lugenpress press was against him, beside they was very pissed off when he won and he still have all the deep who want to his fall. So no it wasn’t planned, he just got his presidency Schlomojacked by Jared, that it.