Trump Meets Kim at DMZ


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There’s much to dislike about orange man right now, but meeting with Kim at the Korean DMZ is something that Trump deserves credit for. Trump became the first US President to set foot in North Korea so the meeting has some real historic relevancy.


Donald Trump has become the first sitting US president to set foot in North Korea, after meeting Kim Jong-un in the area dividing the two Koreas.

Mr Trump and the North Korean leader posed for handshakes before talking for nearly an hour in the heavily fortified demilitarised zone (DMZ).

Both countries agreed to set up teams to resume stalled nuclear talks.

Their last summit broke down in February with no progress on denuclearisation in North Korea.

It looks like a third summit is in the works and that there will be more talks. Kim was also invited to the United States by Trump.

And say what you want, but even though there has only been modest progress with North Korea, this is certainly a much better situation than we’ve had in the past. We certainly wouldn’t have seen images like this if Hillary Clinton was elected President.

The only problem is that Trump has all these lunatics around him who are trying to fuck things up. Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and Jared Kushner being the worst three of the bunch. Hopefully things will work out though.


i hope NOT… the ONLY reason Trump is meeting again with, Kim is because he must have a foreign policy win before 2020. Trump’s “my way of the highway” negotiation ‘skills’ has put him in a hole and Kim should tell him, “go fuck yourself” and your jew bankster sanctions…


NoKo has a GDP that is less than Vermont’s - why Trump legitimizes this fucking zipperhead is beyond me. Sometimes I think that Kim is a CIA stooge that helps keep the $ flowing to the MIC. And why are we even in SoKo anyway - they steal our US jobs (GM will make the new Trailblazer in SoKo while US auto plants continue to close) and suck on our defense spending teat like the kikes in Israel do. At the end of the day this does nothing to make White Americans’ lives better and is just a photo-op for Dron Drimpf.


I think Kim is a boss & I like him. But right now, I really don’t give a shit about Korea. Our problem is Mexico.


2 psychos met at the DMZ. Too bad they are leaders with a vested interest in prolonging the new Cold War.


A war with North Korea has been estimated to kill 20 million people. Why would anyone want that. Now, if the 20 million were Jews well, that’s a different story…