Trump Keeps Sucking on Jewish Dick


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It’s really interesting to see how Trump’s Twitter feed has suddenly started to include a daily dose of Jewish dick sucking. Why would Trump need to suck on Jewish dick when Jews represent only two percent of America’s population? It has made me believe that Jews are controlling the country. Because if they weren’t, there would be no need for the President of the United States to openly suck on Jewish dick.

The ‘Jexodus’ movement encourages Jewish people to leave the Democrat Party. Total disrespect! Republicans are waiting with open arms. Remember Jerusalem (U.S. Embassy) and the horrible Iran Nuclear Deal! @OANN @foxandfriends

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 15, 2019

And on top of this Jewish dick sucking, Trump has decided to again give money to the White Helmets. This is the group that was in Syria faking gas attacks and engaging in all sorts of other chicanery. He initially suspended aid to them and has now backtracked pledging $5 million to them.


The Trump administration is doubling down on backing the White Helmets, the self-proclaimed civil defense group with often controversial activity in militant-held areas of Syria, pledging a $5 million donation at a conference.

The contribution was announced by ambassador James Jeffrey, US special envoy to the anti-Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS) coalition, at the third Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region, held in Brussels.

The $5 million will fund both the “vital, life-saving operations” by the White Helmets and the work of the International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism (IIIM), a UN body created in late 2016 to investigate – but not prosecute – alleged atrocities in Syria after 2011.

As justification for the support, State Department spokesman Robert Palladino claimed the “heroic first responders” of the White Helmets have saved “more than 114,000” lives since the Syrian conflict began, including victims of “vicious chemical weapons attacks” the US is blaming on the Syrian government. Palladino’s statement, however, acknowledged that the group operates solely “in areas outside of the control of the regime.”

Though the Trump administration announced it would stop funding the White Helmets back in May 2018, it reversed course just a month later, sending $6.8 million to the group.

Shit is just fucked. What else is there to say? As it stands now, Trump’s 2020 campaign is going to be based around sucking Jewish dick, Making Israel Great Again, telling us how evil socialism is, getting Jews to vote Republican and some stupid shit about taxes. And even if for some bizarre reason you want to support this retarded agenda you won’t be able to do so because you will be banned from using the Internet.




Maybe that’s also the reason for his strange orange color. Might be a symptome of extreme jew-cock sucking…


The orange retard syndrome




don’t forget, fighting more wars for Israel… that’s why Trump likes The White Helmets because he’s going to use their fake gassing false flags to AGAIN bomb Syria. Trump is a controlled moron.


It is, sadly, as many of us suspected going back from the beginning of Trump’s presidential campaign.

Jews must have something BIG on Trump, enough to derail his re-election and presidency - and are threatening to unleash it unless he follows their orders.


the very first thing that the corrupt FBI does when someone runs for president is get dirt on them so that they can control him in case of emergency. Trump is a NY real-estate tycoon who was bailed-out by his jew bankster pals. he was riding on Epstein’s Lolita Express with Clinton. i have no doubt that his dip-stick was checking the oil of underage gals.


The Blormf must have a shitload of skeletons in his closet. That’s for sure


Jews have been doing this since the days of Woodrow Wilson - who was a 100% Jew shill. He’s had an affair with his secretary while president of Princeton - and the Jews knew it. This is how (((they))) got us into WW I.

Woodrow Wilson was a weakling, put up by Jews who had blackmailable information on him to keep him on a very short leash. ZOG (at that time, ZOG's main players were Jacob Schiff, Bernard Baruch and the Warburg brothers), needed a front man to get the U.S. into WW I - and Wilson campaigned on a platform of "keeping our boys out of Europe's War" all the while knowing ZOG was scheming to drag us into WW I (which is EXACTLY what happened). He also stood by while ZOG ushered in the Federal Reserve and a progressive income tax:

Jacob Schiff then came back to New York, (He was at that time head of The American Jewish Committee), and in my father’s home, in the presence of many prominent men, they decided to get rid of President Taft. They also made plans to get rid of the Republican Party and put in their own party and their own President.

They set up the National Democratic Headquarters at 200 Fifth Avenue and Henry Morgenthau Sr. was made chairman of the Finance Committee. I was made his assistant. I saw everything that went on because I handled all the books. Jacob Schiff and the Jews started looking around for a man to put up as President. They got Woodrow Wilson, a rascal who wasn’t worth the powder to blow him to hell!"

  • Benjamin Freedman


Bernard Baruch✡ first introduced Woodrow Wilson to the wealthy Jewish community in New York City ... According to one account, Baruch led Wilson around "as if he were a poodle on a string"

– Mike King, “The Monstrous Lies of Woodrow Wilson”

And, of course, that were that late-night call to Justice Roberts about changing his vote on Obamacare - at the last minute, causing him to rewrite the dissent he’d already written and write a convoluted assent having to do with “taxes” being OK, or whatever it was.

No different from Trump. I’m sure there is a LOT of proof of his misdeeds ready to be published in case Trump turns on Israel or Jews. Notice lately he’s fallen all over himself on Israel…

Must have received a late-night phone call to remind him.