Trump Is Pushing US Into Scripted And Pre-Planned World War III


don’t be fooled by Trumpy McTrumpface and his fellow republican warmongers… just because Trump wants to keep the niggers from flooding our borders doesn’t mean that he’s a “nationalist” as he proclaims. he’s building up our military for a reason. MORE WAR which is exacltly the reason we hated Hillary. candidate Trump was great but president Trump, POS…Mueller and his CIA pals are controlling him. it’s play ball or get impeached and forced to resign in disgrace. this is something so abhorrent to Trump that he will start WWIII and sell his soul to avoid.


I thnk that fat chunk of shit Pompeo (Pumpy) is getting fatter and chunkier each day. And he talks out his bloated rectum.


yup, he’s a 9/11 swamp creature, psychopath.


That YT channel is solid knowledge. I found this in his playlist and I’m gonna forward it to a friend who is almost there but hesitantly still on the fence concerning the red pill. This could break his Tavistock mind control. Thanks.


I say good. Let humanity get annihilated by nuclear war


…that’s a bit bleak.


yes, it is but with 7.5 BILLION meat-munching human vermin on earth, most of which are brown or black subhuman filth, what other solution is there?.. i’m sure that the deep-state has a depopulation plan but they had better hurry up and get it implemented.