Trump Incites War Against Iran With New Oil Sanctions


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The Make Israel Great Again agenda continues. As the United States is being invaded by hordes of low IQ Central Americans, Donald Trump is more concerned about inciting war against Iran to benefit Israel. They are applying more economic pressure on Iran in an attempt to strangle their ability to export oil.

Saudi Arabia and others in OPEC will more than make up the Oil Flow difference in our now Full Sanctions on Iranian Oil. Iran is being given VERY BAD advice by @JohnKerry and people who helped him lead the U.S. into the very bad Iran Nuclear Deal. Big violation of Logan Act?

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 22, 2019


The Trump administration will sharply accelerate its goal of driving Iran’s oil exports to zero, ending sanctions exemptions that it previously granted to some of the Islamic Republic’s biggest customers.

President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from a 2015 nuclear accord with Iran last May and restored wide-ranging sanctions on the Iranian economy in November. At the time, his administration granted six-month waivers to eight countries that allowed them to continue importing limited quantities of crude oil from Iran.

The market widely expected Washington to extend the waivers for five of the countries. However, the administration says that any country still importing oil from Iran will be subject to U.S. sanctions beginning on May 2.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo a Christian Zionist lunatic who believes in the rapture and the existence of a space Jesus, announced these new oil sanctions against Iran.

This an outright act of war against Iran. And how exactly does this move benefit Americans? All it does is create market uncertainty and resulting in higher oil prices. It also increases the chance of more American soldiers being sent off to the Middle East to die for Israel.

Congress should be investigating Trump’s connections to Israel and why almost everything he has done has directly benefited them. But they won’t do that because they’re all controlled by Jews and Israel themselves.


This kind of shit infuriates me - You and I and Joe Sixpack have to pay the price - literally - while Drormf grovels before International Jewry and the Saudi crypto-kikes. I really don’t think we have seen the worst of Dromrf yet - that will come after 2020 when he is re-installed - errr “reelected” - in the White House.


@Der_Sturmer I fear that orange prick will win a second term by default, because the Democrats are allowing their shitty party to be taken over by ultra left-wing idiots. I half believe Drimpf will be ZOG’s last president. Let’s hope so!


not only has The Orange Goon put more sanctions on Iran, he’s putting sanctions on any country buying Iranian oil. the world is sick of this bullying. clearly The Jews know that The USA is a fading super-power and are striking while the iron is hot. time is running out for their dream of a “greater israel” and so give Trump marching orders.


Putting sanctions on oil is only going to increase the gas prices. Middle America knows this but their cult leader says Iran is evil.


This has been a long time coming. From Reagan to GHWB to GWB and now Blormf. We already have troops in Azerbaijan because the US can’t keep its hands to itself.


that and increase the chances of nuclear war. Trump has betrayed his supporters to a greater extent than even i thought was possible.