Traffic Plummets for TheRightStuff.Biz After Fed Links Exposed


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It looks as if TheRightStuff.Biz is having some real problems. Their Alexa ranking over the past 90 days has been in free fall after their connections to federal informants, lunatics and other crazy weirdos have been fully exposed by people like myself, Azzmador, the Daily Stormer and Matt Forney. I can’t imagine the promotion of Communism and Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign by certain TRS hosts have helped either.

If this keeps up, my own site will soon have more traffic than TRS. And outside of the posts promoting The Krypto Report, this site is mostly me just spending an hour or two commenting on news and various stories I find interesting.

TRS on the other hand is a fairly extensive operation with numerous hosts and personalities.

But despite all of the damage that has been done, they have to my knowledge refused to admit wrongdoing and continue to claim that anybody who questions them and their links to federal informants are insane.

Avoid TheRightStuff.Biz and anybody who shills for them at all costs. TheRightStuff.Biz is really TheRightStuff.Gov.


TRS paywall = auto sign up for FBI White Supremacist Thought Criminal List.


i don’t get any joy over this even though Sven banned me from the forum twice and also from the comments section once for relatively benign remarks

they put out good content, especially Strike and Mike


you think the FBI, NSA etc don’t know who you are anyway?

supposedly everything on the internet is being collected by the NSA

big deal if they have a list of 100,000 Americans who are fed up with a treasonous govt that refuses to secure the border and enforce immigration laws


We have a duty to the youth not to breed complacency.


I used to consume content from but now I don’t even want to hear their voices. I never liked Jayoh at all, he really came across like people I have known in my life that were self aggrandizing microdicks. The extent of it was still a bit surprising though but the final straw is definitely how they chose to handle the fallout, which despite their attempts to silence, spoke volumes.


the thing that bothers me about TRS is on The Daily Shoah they seem to have moved to like a radio morning show format where they try to throw in some humor but the problem is they’re not that funny. To make things worse it seems like they’ve told Alex to act like a laugh track for anything that might be possibly slightly funny at all.


It was hard to watch after a while before this all even came out, because TDS especially was extremely repetitive. I used to enjoy some of their content but now there is no way I can go back after all of this, and the fact that there is plenty of other ways to find that type of content I believe that the site will die soon.


Strike and Mike and the Paranormies is good content. If you dont like it, dont listen.


wow, super hot take bro


If they were just doing radio shows and not associating with federal informants then maybe you could make that argument.

But that is not the case. They are staunchly defending their associations with feds and weirdos and claiming that people are insane for questioning said associations.


Putting aside that anyone with a criminal record could be a fed informant, and just judging by the content, I like some of the TRS podcasts, like Strike and Mike. I also send money to the DS. This whole situation really sucks. Reminds me of Tanstaafl backstabbing Carolyn Yeager. Anytime we seem to be making progress, the big names tear each other down.


Have you listened to the interview that Matt Forney did with Andrew Anglin? Have you listened to the interview that Ethan Ralph did with Anglin?