TKR LIVE: Friday Night Special - Post Freedom Blues


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Join Your Friendly Neighborhood Azzmador and, hopefully, the TKR Wrecking Crew for another FANTASTIC EXTRAVAGANZA of a livestream! Show kicks off at 10 PM EDT.

TKR livestreams are the best thing on (((YouTube))), bar none!

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Azzmador, Hate Farmer, and Mr. White Tuber are looking forward to seeing you in the sperg chat!




Moving forward we’ll be notifying people of when TKR livestreams are about to drop on the Infostormer site.

I’ve already made several guest appearances on the TKR podcast and some of the TKR livestreams and Azzmador has in my view the best active radio show of this genre on the Internet. I encourage everyone to support his broadcasts.

Check out tonight’s stream. It starts soon!


Great show, Wrecking Crew!


This may seem like a trivial point but the fact that you used the term EDT, as in Eastern Daylight Time, instead of EST for Standard Time shows you have a higher attention to detail than most other podcasters. They are annoyingly lazy or indifferent when it comes to making that distinction. Perhaps they operate on CPT (Colored People’s Time) :poop::clock11::thinking:?