The World is Dedollarizing


I thought this comment was interesting…

K. Chris C.

July 31, 2019 at 4:54 pm

What many don’t understand is that the Jews have plundered the American country, by way of their US Tyranny occupier, to the bone. The American country is really poorer than Mexico, the American people just don’t know it yet.

The Jews are currently moving their headquarters of plunder and destruction back over to Europe, while they sell off to the Chinese, etc. what they can. It’s slow and subtle, but happening.

The US Tyranny will be fully turned against the American people after the Jews’ planned for war with Iran, and their move to Europe accelerated. The transformation of the American economy to an extraction economy will be sped up.

The entire time Latinos will be blamed for our country’s problems (They will be de facto slaves as well, beholden to the US Tyranny), the white majority targeted and further silenced, and our guns, except some handguns, taken (Not mine!).

Look for the conversion in a few years of the Southern border to function similar to the Northern one, with Mexicans no longer needing a visa to come north. Mexico and the US Tyranny will be all but in name joined together. The Trump puppet as savior believers gonna get a snap of the fingers awaking from their trance–meet the new puppet, the same as the old puppet.

I could go on, but you get the point.


Yeah gold and silver is going up…