The stupidy of these Swedish marxists is unparalleled



I hate to say this but most Swedes deserve to be put to death. How did they ever become such self-hating faggots?



Has to be something to do with their uber whiteness DNA and of course the Jewish corruption. Noticed that the populations farther south and east of Europa are more prouder fascists and nationalists and ironically, less “white” they are (olive complexion, brown or black haired, etc)
If Northwest Europeans are left to their own devices without any (((corruption))) then it would be different.


There should be a program where blond and red haired people have their pure DNA stored and preserved. I really like to see white,(read human here), nations start subsidising and encouraging blond and red haired people to have 5 to 12 children per family. In vitro fertilization programs should be set up to help produce as many blond and red haired kids as possible. White’s, (true humans), are the only race to have such wonderful genetics. Negroes, Asians, native Americans and most third worlders have black hair and brown eyes. Only white people have such wonderful traits like green,blue,and grey eyes. We have our own uniqueness that must never be allowed to die.


We can thank xtianity for the maniacal pathological altruism we see in places like Sweden or Boston.
Its mind-blowing how these guilt ridden moronic traitors cannot tell anyone how multiculturalism is a strength in any way…but they still just don’t get it.
You can yell at them ,explain it nicely or let them fall into a trap using their own voice and words and it just doesn’t matter.
They simply cannot see it…
Our deeply rooted concern and logical arguments are no match for countless yrs of cybernetic mind control on the talmudvision coupled with religion and the status quo pushing the cult like idea that white people should commit suicide demographically.


Agreed, however, the sympathetic and altruistic DNA should be weeded out. But again, these traits are only brought out by the (((programming))). That can be prevented if we use the DNA splicing technology.


Yes, the religion most whites hold dear are flawed in some ways, but you can thank the 2nd Vatican convention, the (((infulence))) and the fucking Jesuits.


Isn’t minnesota the state with the highest concentration of swedes? isnt that place similar with pathological levels of altruism?


With in vitro fertilization and genetic engineering we could repopulate America with better white humans. If 5 million women had 6 fertilized eggs implanted and these superior kids were brought to term…that would be 30 million wonderful blond and red haired kids brought into the world. If only three survived per pregnancy, that would still give us 15 million kids. If we were willing to do so sperm could be taken from our biggest ,(not lard asses but big, like 6’8 and bigger),guys to inseminate millions more white females. Imagine what life would be like with say 100 million bigger stronger and more intelligent blond and red haired white people in America. Naturally we should have to make provisions for these wonderful and most superior kids to be fostered out to families who are white but not as large,or who do not possess blond and red hair DNA. For the white race to survive we must consider such options. For the last 55 years thanks to Lyndon Johnson and his great society give away programs the negroes have reproduced like roaches and flies. Does anyone want to live in the American version of Africa?


Leider wahr :frowning: These people had been so brainfucked with anti-white propaganda over the last 6 decades, that there is no spark of sanity left in their corrupted minds. They have become hopeless cases. It’s impossible to wake them up from their multi-culti-hipster obsession. Even when they become personally “enriched” by their imported half-apes they still refuse to see that there might be something wrong. It’s very depressing. Entire generations of white people had been zombified :frowning:


the jesuits are also who cohencidentally implemented and pushed into normalcy the satanic heliocentric model that is based around what we now call darwinism and atheism.
How could a church be behind these things you say?
I wonder (((who))) is behind that!