The real problem


There is a lull in the news here and I am going to tell you the real problem of which most intelligent white folk are aware.

We have a jewish brainwashing system of nigger loving, encouraged by boomers.

We have a negro felon league to which most stupid whites worship!
Are they just bored, yes.
And yet these brainwashed sheeple tune in for every game of nigger monkeys running across the field, and other “looks ah me” behaviour.
But the real treachery is in the ads. If you examine the jewish ads during a nigger felon league game you will notice…
-Blatant race mixing agenda.
-The propaganda is sent through audio mostly.
Lets just take a look at their programming through a recent Subaru Ad.
okay first off they are using a confederate southern supporter to preach the nigger loving to you. “even johhny cash is for nigger loving” they tell you. They DONT CARE IF YOU WATCH IT, BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO HEAR IT.
Its time for whites to stop watching Nigger felon league and other sportsball facking brainwashing! You pathetic race traitor people!


I agree 100% with your premise, but the ad is for Volkswagen, not Subaru, whose ads usually consist of cute dogs.


I agree but some of my friends refuse to listen on this one. They are addicted to negro felon league and niggerball.


It’s not just NFL dude. Look around you irl, no matter which city you are from, you’re blasted with ads literally everywhere. Especially in bigger cities, literally everywhere you look there is an ad.
Worst part is they go kind of unnoticed (you “only” see them and move on) unless you really start thinking about it.


I suppose it’s conceivable that some White people may actually enjoy this type of entertainment. Maybe some of them were on teams at school which may have been 100% White even if the school itself wasn’t. But I wish that more White adults would have hobbies. And I think that television is a bigger problem than just watching sports on television. We’ve got to get our people away from the TV and outside, for example. This becomes tedious to repeat, but it’s true; & we’re not making much progress getting generation X-ers & older millennials away from the telly, although Gen Z seems more addicted to video games, a fact which explains why these games are becoming increasingly pozzed.


Boomers have been watching football for decades, since it was an almost all white sport. When I was very little, My grandfather and father, who were very based, watched the Dallas cowboys, who only had a couple of blacks early on, and like other teams, were majority white, slowly blackening throughout the 70s and into the 80s. I think it became a habit that slowly rotted their brains.

Me personally, I loved football as a kid, and still followed it to a small degree into my young adulthood.

I had always said “if the Cowboys get a nigger QB, that’s it for me,” and they did. The truth was, I’d long been sick of football mainly just bc I was sick of it, and only knew slightly what went on bc my friends still loved it, but the nigger QB was a good reason to tell them to fuck off when they wanted to talk about football.

My dad won’t even watch it anymore.


All good points. I 100 percent agree that all this nigger ball shit is cancer.

The advertisements are particularly horrible but not unexpected when you consider that the people behind these ads are a combination of jews and retarded millennial females.


the bus stop ads are the worst

re coonball, i used to watch it all the time, listen to sportstalk radio all time etc until 3-4 years ago i just had enough. Maybe it was several years of hearing a nigger in chief talk down to Americans that finally forced me to quit


I appreciate the comments,
yes we will never get these people on our side, as long as they are so stupid to worship “deez affleetz”
the ads are jewish audio poison
how can we save these fools


Ads that sends a message to target population with very evil intent. You know who uses the public transportation…
Never really interested in watched these nigger shows even before the redpilling.