The Londonistan Stabbing Reveals Clown World in Full Force


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As most of you are already aware, there was a mass stabbing committed by a Moslem on the London Bridge the other day.

The event revealed numerous aspects of the clown world that is the United Kingdom.

  1. The Moslem who did the stabbing spree was recently released from prison despite him being in prison for plotting terrorism on the order of a Jewish judge.
  2. A heroic White man stopped the Moslem from stabbing more people with a big narwhal tusk.
  3. The heroic White man was presented negatively by the media after he wrestled the knife away from the Moslem, making the casual observer believe that the heroic White man was responsible for the attack.
  4. The media even linked the Moslem stabber to Adolf Hitler in order to link Hitler to Islamic terrorism.

This whole situation is insane. None of this would have ever happened if Moslems and Jews were banned from being in the United Kingdom. It is further exacerbated by the fact that your average British person can’t defend themselves with a proper weapon. And in light of this situation, they’ll probably pass a law banning narwhal tusks since it has now been proven that it can be used as a weapon.

But how can people not see that multiculturalism just does not work? Are they stupid? Or are they just too cowardly to admit the obvious? I’d say it is probably both.

But this is why the United Kingdom is a total clown world. Millions of British people will keep saying that diversity is a strength as the country gets raped and pillaged.


according to this tweet thread, one of the victims was a leftist s-bag and immivasion apologist who wrote a Masters Thesis about “The Over-Representation of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Males Ages 18-21 in the British Prison System”


‘Asian’. We know he’s not talking about East Asians.


He found out the hard way.


This bizarre event really does have something for everyone: the vicious moslem released by an evil conniving (((judge))), brave white defenders, including one who had to resort to using a narwhal tusk as a weapon, and last but not least, a smugly sanctimonious do-gooder from an organization called Learning Together reaping the just reward of his treasonous activities.


interesting point by Morgoth…