The left blindsides Beto


Now that Beto O’Rourke is looking at a presidential campaign, he is coming in for a flurry of hits from the left.

The criticism — ranging from O’Rourke’s membership in the centrist New Democrat Coalition to his acceptance of campaign money from oil industry employees — has so far been confined largely to social media, newspaper opinion pages and online message boards. But as O’Rourke considers running for president in 2020, his potential opponents are quietly taking stock, plotting lines of attack they believe could weaken the Texas congressman in a crowded primary field.

Surveying the likely skirmish awaiting O’Rourke, one Democratic strategist working with a rival campaign told POLITICO, “Trotsky got killed with an ice pick.”



The only thing I know about Beto apart from him being a Socialist is that his wife’s family is filthy rich and he is happy to push the Bilderbergers agenda by supporting the goblinization of America. I don’t get the problem the left have with him getting big oil money, these corporations give money to both sides and always have. It’s like calling out a jew for being dishonest, where’s the story?



I don’t really like the guy, but this cunt writing bullshit like that on CNN about him pisses me off a lot more.


Beto could be America’s Justin Trudeau!


O’Rourke is scheduled to be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey on February 5th. Plenty in this room said they hope he signals his 2020 intentions then.