The End of White America Is Now Assured



Fucking shit skins everywhere! They are a cancer that spreads!


My Germain ancestors had a wonder drug that could cure many cancers. It was called something like storm or tornado and had a letter like a or c.


They may hate us, but they sure like their gibs! No more whitey, no more gibs! I don’t think they have any concept of this.

What surprises me is that jews are supposedly smart and are digging their own graves by eliminating whites. They rely on us more than browns do. When no more whites are left, who do you think the pets will turn on?


How much longer will we take this? Are we really going to just sit here, shut up, and remain silent as our race goes extinct? Are we going to just let our cities, towns, and countries… everything we built, die out and surrender it to them just because we are too afraid of being called “racists?”…WTF…


You are the answer to that question.