The Cucking of Whites With Xtianity


It was the holy spirit that guided me to this path of facism. Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna. (God, honor, fatherland)


i cannot suspend my logic and even if Jesus comes to me in the wee hours I’M NOT WORSHIPING A GODDAMNED JEW. i’ll strangle the mother fucker…

if there is a ‘creator’ he’s not going to reward anyone for taking things on “faith”. he, she or IT will reward logic and reason and force the others to repeat Earth Grade.


wew! you have swallowed that atheist hoodoo hook, line and sinker!
Without imagination a man is just an animal.

Atheism is a box that cuts you off from your potential as an infinite being in an eternal partnership with god. The greatest minds of our age like Descartes and Newton among others were both scientists and mystics and their unbounded thinking set the foundation for modern civilization.

I’m done with this topic, free will is all we have and if you choose to put yours in a jewish straight-jacket of humanism or atheism, all power to you.


No, no “hoodoo hook”. i was raised xtian and when i got old enough to THINK FOR MYSELF i realized that IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE. that’s why y’all call it, “FAITH” otherwise it would be a Science. every sub-human in South and Central America believes the xtian brainwash. you are in BAD company.

so please stop and PLEASE speak to the particulars of my post.

“imagination” ? give me a break… how much imagination does it take to make up a religion? oh, yeah, the hokey story of Adam and Eve and Noah’s Ark that took some imagination all righty.

look, find me a religion THAT MAKES SENSE and maybe i’ll change my mind. if you were born in some Islamic shit-hole, you’d be a Muslim.

Here are some mindless Xtians.

in sharp contrast here is a list of brilliant Atheists:


Yeah, so am I. Life (a gift from God) is too short. Will @MightyWhitey stop making scurrilously anti-Christian threads? We shall see.


Really? U dare to compare Christianity as the low IQ niggers and atheists as smart Jews? No! You’re straight up promoting anti white agenda here… even u might don’t really meant it. see, all that infighting here leads to this shitshow - we are not niggers here. Just stop- same with all u others here in this thread that deride your beliefs. No more Jewish divide and conquer meme shit here… I respect your belief and we all expect you to respect ours as well. I understand that it’s healthy to have a good polemic but no name calling and slurs, it’s typical nigger behavior. Let’s not sink to their level! We are all on the same page here for white supremacy. Amen!


Speaking to your particulars: There are an awful lot of jews on that list, I’d bet fully half. As for the image of Africans, would you prefer a bunch of peaceful African Christians or a bunch of murdering raping African Muslims?

Being raised Christian doesn’t mean you understand it. Every bible story has a minimum of two levels, often more. You have to unravel them to get to the deeper meaning, it’s all there if you want to know. Jews understand this and for them it is the Coca-Cola recipe and Kentucky Fried Chicken x 1000 and they want it for themselves not shared with the beasts of the field (the Catholics also know this and this was behind the annihilation of the Cathars - when you can have a direct experience of God who needs the church?). That is why they hate Christ so deeply (and is also the first level story to the crucifixion). They just don’t want people to take a close look. I will break one bible story down for you.

  1. Virgin birth, God knocks up Mary. Jesus is born of a virgin. Joseph is most vexed.

  2. The Virgin Birth is an internal process, externalized, it is the awareness of the connection to the god-head. ‘Mary’ is the inner man - you - the virgin. The Christ consciousness is awakened in you by your willing partnership with ‘the father’ God - inception. This is Jesus born of the virgin. I and my father are one - God is the father - the divine spark in you is the eternal Christ (the son of the father) separate but one, I am of my father. My father and I are one.

The new testament is literally a road map to enlightenment. It may not be the only one but it is the clearest and easiest to grasp for White men. “For those who have eyes to see, let them see, and for those who have ears to hear, let them hear.”

My apologies for the sermon, but someone might find it useful.


the picture speaks for itself. and that’s just ONE PICTURE. the millions of low IQ hoards in Central and South America all believe that Jesus “died for their sins”.

no, because xtianity is destroying the white race. y’all can pretend that this isn’t true but the FACTS are all on my side.

but again: y’all don’t speak to the points of my post BECAUSE YOU CAN’T REFUTE LOGIC. instead you just go off on a rant.


you really put a spin on nonsense to make it SEEM like a reasonable thing to believe. no, god knocked-up a 14yo virgin girl so that a jew could be born who then does some stupid shit which supposedly will save humanity from original sin (adam and eve fucking). this makes so much more sense than Mary getting raped by occupying Roman soldiers and then crying “immaculate conception!” to keep from GETTING STONED TO DEATH. the “immaculate conception” ruse was COMMON back then.


Yeah we all know this. It’s thanks to white missionaries to mold the savages to a better people at some degree. We converted the murdering atzecs, tribal cannibal afroniggers to make the world a better place. We know that it don’t prevent from the low IQ subhumans from reverting their primitive ways, some of them . However we made a dent in that. Yet, I don’t like the diversity crap they are now pushing. We displayed our supremacy by converting them savages and better themselves and by our teachings, they are left to improve themselves but we should not feed and help them. It’ll lead to problems. They should and can find the gods guidance to improve themselves, God willing.
Yes they are the same religion but I’ll prefer nationalistic segregation. Isn’t diversity on Earth beautiful? Mix them up u get nothing but one monotheistic globohomo boring life on Earth. I’ll say if vacatian 2 never happened, then there will be more whites in the Church and pope Francis the Jesuit bastard will not be in the throne. All I can do is to lament on the present state of the Church now.
To add, to be honest, how really Jesus was made by the means of conception is highly debated. It was written long time ago. I don’t care. His teachings and the condemnation of the Jew priests are impressive. How we are now condemning the kikes today is part of His teachings.


well, the problem is that xtians by-in-large are totally cucked. this is fact and born out by evidence of the welcomed muslim invasion of xtian lands. i didn’t just make this up and i am very angry about it. it’s the teachings of The Jew himself that are allowing Muslims to INVADE The West. you don’t see any muslims encouraging xtians to come to their countries. there’s a reason for this. Muslims aren’t cucked.


Yeah that’s the part of “turning the other cheek” is what does the bad damage to the group. In the past, we " turned thy other cheek" and " love thy neighbor" to our fellow white neighbors. After the Jew corrupted it, it has been going south especially they removed our European identity from the mainstream. That’s the real problem not the Christ’s teaching. To add, Moslems has no racial cohesion as like the mainstream christians. Jews does believe their religion as a race. Moslems force convert or off with your head. Christians don’t do that anymore. Templars used to do that. All we have to do is to grow some balls collectively and not to be a cuck.


Life is a test between good and evil. God and Satan have a game between us and Satan tricked the Jews. Jesus figured it out. Satan pulled the Muslim card.


Honestly, I despise Christianity because my pastor would tell me how only jews had souls before Jesus. I’m 30+ years old and when I see Vacation Bible School addsI still get uncomfortable.


Catholics and eastern orthodox never mention the Jew are above us, it seems like the Bapists, Adventists and modern Christian offshoots believe that.


here’s something i found. you xtians have got to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE.

The Christian religion was created by Jews. The Tanakh, or Hebrew Bible, was wrritten by Jews. All the characters were Jewish, except those that held them as slaves or in captivity. We Christians know it as the Old Testament. Moses said in De 7:6 “For you are a holy people to Jehovah your God. It is you Jehovah your God has chosen. According to Ps 135:4 “Jah has chosen Jacob for himself, Israel for his special property.”

The New Testament makes Jesus, another Jew, the same as God. Even the authorities are aware of his special status, they refer to Jesus in Mt 27:37 as “King of the Jews”.

His followers, the apostles were also Jews. They are the ones who wrote most of the New Testament. And they probably addressed themselves to Jewish communities because Peter 2:9 for example mentioned “you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for special possession that you should declare abroad the excellencies of the one”.

It will help to point out that Jews have always sent a number of people to all the foreign lands, to help them advance their knowledge and their customs to bring the people closer to God. Here Peter is addressing Priests who had moved from Israel to modern day Turkey.

Christians have lived in the land of Israel only to a very small extent. It becomes very questionable why Christians felt a need to order crusades to a far away land like Israel. The argument that Israel is significant to Christianity does not hold up under scrutiny. Christianity only spread there in the 4th century under the Roman emperor Constantine, and only until they were kicked out in the 6th century.

To be clear, these quote make it explicit that Christians are NOT the chosen people of the Christian God - the Jews are the chosen people, according to the Christian Bible.

Why do Christians not believe in their own God? And who chose them not some other “race”?


Hmmm. yeah I know that old testament is Jewish. I’ll like the source citation please. Shall we rediscover to our old European pagan beliefs? You concur? It’ll bring us closer to the spirit of our white ancestors. Though it’ll be difficult to erase the 2,000 year religious history and start anew for many of us. You know, many of Christian traditions are borrowed from pagan traditions such as the Christmas tree, Easter egg, Eucharist and some more.


The priests of the Hebrew Temple used this title to insult him and made fun of him. They nailed “INRI” (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum) sign above him on the cross intended to heckle him.
To the ones who follow Jesus are the chosen people. Not the talmudic kikes. The Talmud was created at around 200- 500 a.d. the Jews during Jesus’s time was the mishrazic Jews, a completely different breed from the Talmud kikes. The ashkenazis are descendants of the old Mongolian empire breakaway region, the Khazars. The population converted to judasism at around 800 AD as a buffer from the enroaching infulence of Moslems and Christianity in the region. They are mostly traders, hence modern day “merchant meme” of the Jews. Since today about 75% of ashkenazis made up of worlds Jewish population. So they are FAKE Jews, therefore they are the satanic people posing as the Gods chosen people and infiltrated everything under one blue sky. The Christians NEED to know this so they can dispute and name the Jew.

Please cite the source. Thanks. I’ll need to see who wrote that. I can dig even deeper if it’s just black propganada by the talmudists or straight outta from the Bible.


You’ve really got a handle on all the jewish humanist atheist anti-Christian talking points rabbi. The whole Mary raped buy a centurion is classic jewish anti-Christian propaganda, likewise all the apostles were jewish. The core of Christian teaching is gnostic in nature, absolutely not the mainstream Abrahamic teaching of the time. But you already know all this don’t you? Congratulation on a great slide thread. 38 posts, well done!


sorry, “immaculate conception” makes so much more sense…