The Cucking of Whites With Xtianity


here we go again… a couple of jews get shot and the super-cucked xtian world goes into overdrive to protect them. did the jews get with muslims after the Christchurch romp to help them stay safe? did the jews bond with Xtians after that jackass, Roof shot-up a black church?

the pos religion xtianity and their Jew-God is solely responsible for the destruction of The White Race. in WWII, German Xtians gave their lives to murder their brethren in Germany. now pos Xtians come to the aid of their jew masters after a botched romp only killed one jew and injured several others.


I understand you don’t like Christians which is fine like what you like, but realize Christians are important. Did a priest or something do something to you?


Christians are the most compassionate people in the world. It’s not a weakness. Christians lost their racial awareness. Remember we are all Gods children. Vatican 2 really messed up the modern churches.


That’s good, someday once the Christians defending them see what Jews are really like then it’ll be like the fox in the chicken house!
Truth always prevail, deus vult!


I’m guessing that he’s actually gay, & that he came on to a gay priest (or evangelical minister) who however, turned him down. So now, he vents his humiliation & frustration by attacking Christians. Sour grapes, etc.


Christianity is a very protean religion, endlessly re-imagined to serve the political and social goals of those who manipulate and control it. Its present mainstream incarnations appear to be in the hands of the irredeemably corrupt, so perhaps a little righteous anger is not unmerited.


white people cling to this shit because they have identity issues. they think that it makes them a cohesive unit against the globalist jews and invading muslims but just the opposite is true.


What an intellectual!


Exactly… BasedBemidji…The.Nostra Aetate doctrine drafted in the 2nd Vatican Council was a (((Bolshevik))) subversion… It is a fact that the Jews deceive, levy interest, and are pimps. This doctrine spread like cancer to all other Christian denominations…


Coincidence? This Jew was omnipresent…

At the Vatican Council II, as representative of American Jews ,Abraham Joshua Heschel was a Polish-born American rabbi and one of the leading Jew theologians, persuaded the Catholic Church to eliminate or modify passages in its liturgy that demeaned the Jews,

Heschel (2nd from right) in the Selma Civil Rights march with Martin Luther Coon, Jr.(4th from right). Heschel later wrote, “When I marched in Selma, my feet were praying.”

Heschel, left, presenting the Judaism and World Peace Award to Martin Luther Coon on December 7, 1965



Yeah however I’m a occasional church goer, they repeat the same old tired “pray for the refugees and extend a hand for them” line. Usually the congregation response in unison “lord, hear our prayer” I replied to that specific prayer with utter silence and held my head high, or replied- let us pray for the perfidy of the Jews. Surely the sheep believe that they are actual refugees running away from real chaos. But sometimes I bring up the argument about the fake refugee invasion amongst the church members. They seem to realise the importance to differ between the two.


'Did you even read your own article? Did your read the link to the foundation of this “Global group of Christians” which is a small jewish-founded organization with a handful of members of no consequence apart from this headline.

I don’t understand your fear of using the words Christian or Christianity, you seem to have no problem with spelling Jew or Muslim. And the term ‘Jew-God’ is classic jewish atheist divide and conquer meme - separate the divine (your birthright as a human) through racial exclusivity and placing the divine secondary to the human (jews even place their own god second to themselves - unironically).

Jewish led atheism is designed to cut people off from a strong spiritual foundation and a very real link to God. The Jews hate that Christianity offers the true path to God that had up until Christ been under their control. With Christianity the covenant with god is there for the asking (he who has ears, let him hear) whereas Jewish teaching is “kikes only” “no Goys allowed”.


The watered down and corrupt version of modern Christianity would be unrecognizable to, e.g., Tertullian, Charles I, or Jan Sobieski. It is astonishing how similar the views of modern atheists and modern so-called Christians are; they both speak of nothing more than anti-racism and diversity these days.


I have a good friend, he’s openly racist but an atheist. Every time I try to bring up religion into discussion, he avoided the topic just as he prefer to remain ignorant of such issues. He told me the religious people are assholes for saying such- “oh you’re an atheist? Oh no, I’ll pray for you to save you from going to hell!”
I said to him, “they do not have the right to judge on you, but only God does.” He said back to me, “there is NO God!” Welp. Lack of soul.
Also I try to bring the Jewish question related to this topic as he still not interested to go further in the conservation.


Ask him when he’s about to cum? What does he say but on my god. Ask him when he’s in a near death experience if he says oh god. These are important ingrained memories.


ignorant? how is taking something on FAITH not ignorance?


Faith means belief without measure. Ignorance is no belief at all. He just avoids the discussion.


Zoroaster conclusively answered this question more than 2,500 years ago (along with the phony conundrum ‘How can a good God allow suffering?’ and many others).


Atheism is just a crutch for the weak who are unable to live with the presence of an omnipotent God.


Some people are happy without a spiritual dimension to their lives. Most of my friends are agnostic and think there is some higher power but are happy to leave it till later to find out.

@MightyWhitey If you really want to understand what faith is, it is the easiest thing in the world to experience. Just pretend for a week that there is a higher power inside you looking out for you and helping to guide you in the best possible direction. Suspend your disbelief for a week and make a sincere effort, you have nothing to lose and possibly a soul to gain.