The Alt-Right is Bringing the Culture War Inside of Google


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Google fired James Damore for writing an essay that did not conform to the politically correct Jew-run Marxist work culture that exists there.

When Google fired James Damore last year, they brought the raging culture war inside their own company.

Damore was fired because he stated the obvious fact that men and women are different. This obvious biological difference between men and women is why men make better engineers. He is now suing them for wrongful termination.

The USA Today ran a piece on how the culture war is really heating up inside Google. There’s apparently been a severe backlash against Damore’s firing as social justice warrior types who work at Google are getting threatened and doxed.

USA Today:

The firing of Google engineer James Damore for claiming women are not biologically suited for technical roles has triggered a culture war inside the Internet giant, with some Google employees saying the company is not doing enough to protect them from a harassment campaign that has subjected them to hateful comments and violent threats.

These employees, many of whom volunteer as diversity advocates, say they've been targeted by some of their own coworkers for fighting to bring greater diversity to Google's 78,000-plus staff of mostly white and Asian men.

Their personal information and comments expressed in internal company forums have been leaked to the public and published on far-right websites, leading to mistreatment by online vigilantes. What's more, they say they've been subjected to doxing on websites like 4Chan and Kiwi Farms after screenshots were included in the 161-page lawsuit Damore filed in January alleging Google discriminates against whites, conservatives and men.

Too little action from Google management drove them to speak publicly for the first time this week when they told their stories to Wired magazine. They say they are hopeful they can pressure the company into taking a stronger stance against the growing abuse and that they can help stop this kind of intimidation and bullying from happening at other tech companies.

"What we want is for our company to be a great place to work and for everyone to be able to do their job without having to worry they are going to get a death threat in their email," Google software engineer and diversity advocate Tariq Yusuf told USA TODAY.

Sorry Tariq, you wanted to cram this diversity agenda down everyone's throats and by doing so you have declared war against Whites everywhere. You should just shut your filthy sand nigger mouth and be happy that you're even able to work in a White country.

It is good to see these social justice warrior fools inside of Google are getting a taste of their own medicine. Keep up the pressure on them. Show no mercy!

Google allocated $30,000 of capex spend to install a toilet in the office of Google CEO Sundar Pichai after he kept shitting on the floor!

Google was founded by Jews. It's parent company Alphabet is run by the same Jews who founded Google. They put this weirdo street shitter named Sundar Pichai in charge of Google who has embraced all of this Jewish-Commie drivel. The entire work culture at Google is centered around Cultural Marxism and Communist extremism.

The problem that these technology companies like Google have is that the only way they can function is if you have White male engineers. There are very few Blacks and Hispanics who can perform at the same level of White males. This is not even a matter for debate. If Blacks were such great engineers, the continent of Africa would not be a shithole among shitholes.

This means that the greater racial diversity you have, the worse the company functions. But to be honest, you can say this about any other business sector. It is just more obvious in the tech field.

Oh well, to hell with Google and the rest of these kike-run Silicon Valley companies. They are waging a war that they will ultimately lose.


I’m not a STEM guy but it seems to me that the days of giant, centralized internet monopolies like Joogle are numbered. The internet as it is presently structured is a relic from the 1990s. It’s definitely time for Internet 2.0!


It’s hard for me to feel any sympathy for anyone at CIAGoogleNSA


Strange how the feminists are not demanding that women take more jobs in less glamorous male dominated occupations, like construction, carpentry, plumbing, auto repair, etc. That tells me (((feminists))) are actually spoiled elitist hypocrites. Imagine my shock when I figured that out.


James Damore looks like a young Pete Townshend!

pete townshend


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They want monopolies so that they can keep the ceiling low and hire lots of 3rd rate workers without smart competition…