Terminating Service for 8Chan



It appears Daily Stormer has been pulled down as well.


Yeah, just noticed that, I’ll try Tor.


I was struggling for a while - it appears to be back up on Tor, main site and bbs.

Anglin says to always use Tor and/or Brave. I was having no luck with Brave, it may be back up by now.



Normie site isnt working for me…


Up on Tor:

Lots of people don’t seem to not know how or wish to use Tor. Tor’s service has improved a lot over the past few years, it used to be really slow and iffy.

I still can’t get a thing on Brave.


Tor is almost as good as a standard non proxy browser at this point, really useable.


From Anglin:

I currently consider promoting the use of Tor to be my most important duty.

[Please download Tor Browser]

(Tor Project | Download).

Also download Brave Browser, which has Tor support.

Do this right now.

Get used to using this service and get everyone you know on board.

View the Daily Stormer on Tor here:


I have been very delighted to watch the dailystormer.name traffic drop as more and more people switch to the Tor site. Already, over half of our traffic is on Tor. I want to get dailystormer.name traffic as low as possible (there is no reason to have traffic on the .name site anyway, as Google is already down-ranking us).

Get on Tor and do it quickly.

It is our duty to build and spread a new internet, so that free speech can continue on in this age of total and complete censorship.


I haven’t found a good Tor app to use on my iPhone, none of them seem to work for me.


Are you guys on ricochet, @Bon, @Richter88?


Red Onion works for me…


is that a forum? I haven’t heard of it…


It’s a messaging service, like PM’s here.


Couldn’t connect to ricochet.


Trying. Cannot access on my iPhone. Will try on MacPro.


Will try. I don’t think I’ve tried that one.


Basically they do not work on phones.


Yeah, figured it doesn’t work…will join via laptop.