Teachers Suspended Over Border Wall and Mexican Costumes


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Political correctness is a cancer. Why the fuck does everyone have to be walking on eggshells in fear of violating some unwritten sensitivity code? Our society is at a point where you literally have to be careful about what sort of Halloween costume you wear or you might lose your job.


Fourteen staff at an Idaho primary school who dressed up as a border wall and as Mexicans for Halloween were put on administrative leave on Saturday for the "insensitive" and "inappropriate" costumes, a school superintendent said.

Photos of the group wearing stereotypical U.S. and Mexican costumes appeared this week on the Idaho school district's Facebook page, drawing complaints from parents, civil rights groups and members of the state's large Hispanic population.

One photo showed seven staff from the Middleton Heights Elementary School dressed as characters, including the Statue of Liberty and an American eagle, holding a cardboard wall with "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" on it. Another showed staff shaking maracas and wearing sombreros, ponchos and fake mustaches.

The incident came at a time of heightened tensions over immigration in the United States as President Donald Trump seeks to use the issue to boost Republican support ahead of congressional elections on Tuesday.

Here's photos of the costumes. There is nothing remotely offensive about them. They're just costumes for fuck sake.

But get this, they dressed up in these costumes as part of a mandated team-building activity.

The costumes were part of an after-school "team-building activity" among the teachers, who were competing to come up with the most stereotypical outfits, board Chairman Tim Winkle told the Idaho Press, adding that this did not justify the actions.

So they were told to do this retarded team-building activity to come up with the most stereotypical costume they could think of. And after doing what they were told, they get suspended for hurting feelings or whatever.

I give up.

Meanwhile in Israel, little Jewish children wear 9/11 Twin Towers themed costumes to celebrate Purim.

Remember this fact the next time you see a Jew on television lecturing the goyim about political correctness. And Jews wonder why their race has been thrown out of hundreds of countries. As if the reasons are not obvious.


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