Take the ShindanMaker Personality Alignment


Just published last Monday, the 8th of April, 2019, the ShindanMaker Personality Alignment will reveal the truth about your personality starting with no more information than your name.

Take the test here:


I took it, & I’d have to say that I felt it was very accurate. These are my results:

From en.shindanmaker.com

But to test the reliability & validity of this awesome test I tried a few other usernames to cross check my own results. I have to say that the ShindanMaker Personality Alignment (or SMPA) is 100% accurate!

Tough luck about the ‘cursed’, but look at that low score on ‘clown’! Way to go Spahn!

Great score (but you need some pussy)!.

No room for you in Clown World, I guess, ha ha.

Take the test now & post your results in this thread.



I know I’m more horny than that :joy:


image Horny

image Clown

image Cursed as white man living in a clown world

:thinking: Baby ???