Syria Threatens to Bomb Tel Aviv's Airport


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Israel has continued to attack Syria by striking areas around the Damascus airport. They’re claiming they’re attacking “Iranians” in the region. Syria said that if the United Nations doesn’t step in, they’ll respond in kind by bombing the Tel Aviv airport.

It is actually perfectly legitimate for Syria to do this. The Jews have been attacking their country for years. Now that the war inside their own country has died down, they have the capacity to deal with this.

The Israeli geopolitical strategy seems to be centered around escalating the situation with Syria in order to keep the United States in the region. They want the American military to step in and do their dirty work for them. If the Syrians respond, the response from President Trump should be to let the Israelis fight their own wars. And besides, how many billions of dollars have been given to these kikes?

The problem of this Zionist enterprise in the Middle East could easily be solved if the United States immediately suspended support for them. It’s baffling why the chosen people of God need American military power any way. If they have God that’s all they need.


Special Relationship II: The Yiddening


If anyone has a right to retaliate against the terrorist state of Israel, it Syria, Iran and every one else in the region.




the jews are dying to start WWIII. they know that there will soon be a 9/11 grand jury convened and they will be outed as the butcher of Goyim on that fateful day. then the masses will learn that Israel is not an “ally” all all but a dark and deceptive foe so they are now in a desperate race against the clock to do a land-grab in Syria.


What is the status of the 911 investigation they were going to have that we heard about ?
I remember this from late 2018 but quickly forgot about it.
The media is all trump every second of every day.


The Laywers Committee for Truth & Jusice has gotten the NY attorney to agree TO DO HIS JOB and convein a Grand Jury to hear the mountains of evidence that The Trade Towers were rigged with explosives… i just contacted them for an update but haven’t yet received a reply. i’ll post it when i get it.


Great news!
You would think that just implicating israhell on the online media outlets plus whatever the msm will spin to make jews look the victims of Hitlerism will be enough to make people start connecting the dots here.


i emailed them and here’s what they told me:

We are waiting patiently, working in the background on further supplements.

this is HUGE… all of the 9/11 Swamp Things know about this but their media jew pals have yet to report on it. gee i wonder why?



good article.
“Nancy Pelosi’s extreme efforts to demonstrate loyalty and devotion to a nation that the rest of the world views as a pariah is commendable, but only if one is a sociopath.”


I think this comment i found on ZeroHedge sums the situation up perfectly.


hang on to your yamaka, goyim. US troops are there to be disposable pawns for the jews. there is no doubt that Israel has plans to bomb them and blame it on Assad and Russia.


Your probably right… USS Liberty false flag mk2.


The Jews would love for their airport to be attacked! The good old USSA would be nuking Assad instantly! That’s why the Russians play the long game & don’t take things personally…


just wait till some good Russian soldiers get killed by Trump. then things will get interesting…


Anyone remember that old 1.0 punk song called Let’s Bomb Israel? It’s been purged from the internet for years and I’ve never been able to find it.

Sums this situation up perfectly.