Swedish "Scientist" Suggests Eating People to Save the Planet


Originally published at: Swedish “Scientist” Suggests Eating People to Save the Planet | Infostormer.com

It looks like the 1970s science fiction film Soylent Green wasn’t science fiction at all. The movie depicted an overpopulated world in the year 2022 where people were fed a substance called Soylent Green.

At the end of the movie, the character played by Charlton Heston discovers that Soylent Green is being made out of people.

Now, we have a Swedish “scientist” suggesting that eating people after they die could help us save the planet. He’s suggesting that we implement the exact scenario that was presented in Soylent Green.

Swedish behavioral scientist Magnus Söderlund has suggested that eating other people after they die could be a means of combatting climate change. https://t.co/pvK3F6XlRI

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) September 7, 2019

Just WTF is going on over in Sweden any way? Seriously, have you people all gone mad? There is something seriously wrong with your brains if you have people proposing this insanity.


I’d be willing to bet that Magnus Söderlund is an anal-enthusiast who believes “Diversity is our greatest strength”.


It was just a matter of time when these self-titled scientists would come up with such an idea. In order to fight the “climate change” nothing is sacred anymore. Doesn’t matter how insane it may be, or if it has any relevant effect on the climate. Every sick idea is welcome.

German Industrial project Wumpscut once made a ‘song’ about that topic, including samples from that movie…

Soylent Grün ist Menschenfleisch!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




Even better to save the planet eliminate all black and brown races. Why should resources be wasted on sub humanity that reproduces like roaches and flies?


Hey, it probably won’t be too bad. The German cannibal, Arwin Meiwes, said that human meat tastes ‘like pork, but stronger’ and that it is best served with red wine. However, we should probably cancel the wine as all the vineyards will have dried up and grapes will exist no more!

But what do we do with the carcass afterwards? We can’t give the bones to Fido because we will have eaten him too! NOM! NOM! NOM!