"Swedish" Rapper Calls For White People To Be Shot



I’m well offended when white demonyms get used for the wrong people.


That ugly gorilla made me very angry.
Surely i’m not the only one. I hope some woke Swedes will give him what he really deserves.

Er ist kein Mensch, er ist ein Aff’
Drum denk nicht nach, mach einfach: “Paff”!

Europa Erwache!!!


should be hanged from the closest tree


Skinning him alive would “thin out” his attitude towards his masters.


We really need legislation against lyrics like this: there was no stated exemption for faggots, trannies, or light-skinned muzzies or spics.


“We should take them as slaves and treat them even worse.”

Sure thing shitskin,… right after you’ve got a few holes blown through your high IQ of 5.