Sudanese "Asylum Seeker" Stabs Six People In Glasgow Hotel; Dissatisfied With Meals Provided!

Three people have reportedly been stabbed to death in the stairwell of a Glasgow hotel. Police have confirmed that the male suspect was shot dead. A cop was reportedly stabbed and taken to hospital.

According to one witness, the stabbing was carried out “randomly”.

BBC News has reported that the Park Inn hotel on West George Street (currently not open to the general public due to “coronavirus”) where the incident occurred is being temporarily used to house “asylum seekers” - like the Libyan who did the Reading stabbings last week.

And as corroboration, a report dated June 16, 2020, is about asylum seekers staying in the Park Inn, Glasgow, who are unable to access medical treatment.


Must be those “domestic White terrorists” I keep hearing about, they’re certainly prevalent in the U.S. according to the media - go about the countryside in packs stabbing, shooting and terrorizing poor refugees and POCs, especially blacks, while the White Racist Police look the other way.

The murder rate wouldn’t be as high as it is without those White Terrorist Gangs.

Just look at Chicago - over 100 people shot over last weekend, 14 killed:

Chicago Year to Date:

Shot & Killed: 287
Shot & Wounded: 1346
Total Shot: 1633
Total Homicides: 314

– Hey Jackass.

The government needs to crack down on White gangs!

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I’ve known about this forever, but it still never fails to piss me off.

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We should cite coronavirus, terrorism, the communist cultural revolution, and the economic catastrophe and mountains of debt from coronavirus lockdowns as some of the reasons why we need to immediately suspend all international conventions relaing to “human rights” or ‘refugees’.

Initial reports said at least three had been killed.


Now it appears to be only the attacker who died, but six others were seriously injured.

The attacker is said to be an ungrateful asylum seeker from Sudan, who was not satisfied with the free accommodation and hotel meals provided to such ‘unfortunates’.



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