Stupid whores


They should be at home, pregnant, and in the kitchen (and in a cage the rest of the time).


notice that in the pic they are all basically attractive which is nothing like reality. there was a horrid dyke creature that ran a thrift store down here. she was as wide as she was tall and had a crew-cut and walked like a hard-guy. she was revolting…


Most lesbians are ugly as fuck. Can’t get any dick so they switch teams. Here comes the carpet cleaners.


FrauenWaffen takes notes to your posts and will advise all men that not all of us are cock-dumb and cares about the 14 words.


I want to collaborate with Murdoch Chan, Sven, and M… from Merchant Minute to do a remake of Bowling for Soup “the girl all the bad guys want”


This is the internet. You don’t have to take everything written on it seriously.


I will come out with jello shots in 2nd Reich flag formation, singing the 2nd stanza, interupted by an alt right oaf, makes fire bigger. Grumply, while guys jam out, M-chan and I do dishes and finish video by doing shots over a bonfire, exposing our dishtowels as jew prayer rags.


Also , for comedic effect, I should be an Gen-x T-88 Wine Aunt bot.


Based you will definitely be needed for the Fourth Reich.


I better live to see the 4th Reich. Sadly, those not old enough didn’t get the Berlin Wall teaser. I got to meet Wehrmacht family members after. Great Men. Had no fucks to give and happy to be alive.


Hopefully soon this Clown World is getting more Disgusting and Nightmarish by the days.



i hope that this woman gets shot.


Attractive dykes only exist in anime, porn and greek mythologies, in over word it’s just fiction.