Students at DC School Project Swastikas on Screen During Assembly


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Here’s another story indicative of the retarded outrage culture that we have in the United States of America. An incident involving students in an assembly using their smartphones to project images of swastikas and racist usernames has become a national news story.

San Francisco Chronicle:

High school students at the elite Sidwell Friends School displayed swastikas during an afternoon assembly Wednesday, the head of the private academy informed families in a letter.

The incident happened during an interactive portion of a presentation about a student-run nonprofit that uses soccer to build community among refugee children in the Washington region, according to the letter. The presenter had students use Kahoot, an online game that allows people to build their own quizzes, to answer questions.

Students responded by using their cellphones, and their answers were projected onto large screens. The projections were quickly turned off when an administrator saw that two of the students’ usernames included swastikas. Several other usernames expressed racist views of Asians and Native Americans, according to the letter.

Sidwell Friends School is one of several elite private schools in the Washington area.
“I am disappointed, dismayed, and deeply sorry that such an incident could take place at our School,” Bryan Garman, the head of the school, wrote in the letter to Sidwell families. “Racism and anti-Semitism will not be tolerated in this community.”

Garman said the school has launched a “thorough investigation” to identify the students responsible for the racist and anti-Semitic messages.

Yeah, I’m sure they’ll launch a thorough investigation into the matter. Because hurting the feelings of Jews and racial minorities with swastika images and mean words is critical to the survival of our vibrant democracy.

This is obviously stupid. If Jews and racial minorities can’t deal with people who dislike them than they should move to a country where they are among the racial majority. This whining and outrage culture nonsense that has come into full force via Jews, boomers and brainwashed millennials is totally out of control.

I mean, who honestly gives a fuck if some students have swastikas in their username avatars? If you can’t deal with something like this you are a pussy faggot and you should strongly consider killing yourself.


This is a Quaker school, LOL! Check it out.

But these kids come from well to do families, so this is very encouraging.









The kids should just be like:

‘What?! You don’t like swastikas?’


Top kek! Those interactive feedback sites are an endless source of joy. Local government use them a lot and they are an excellent opportunity to drop red pills.


The swastika is an ancient auspicious symbol.


Just tell the whining Faggots, Kikes, etc., that the swastika is the ancient symbol of the Sun, nothing racist or bigoted about that. And that a German political party chose it as their symbol - so what?!? It was a very wise choice as a symbol, certainly makes more sense than faggots choosing and hence soiling the rainbow, the flag and all its degenerate offshoots.


Well, FFS, like the high school kids in California who lined up the red cups in the shape of a Swastika and then “heiled Hitler” - this is a national and international crises…and the perps must be punished by having their lives utterly destroyed in perpetuity.

Far worse than having your country invaded every fucking day by an army of filthy 3rd world savages…


The kids in Newport Beach (a rich White Privilege town in California) who lined up red cups in the shape of a Swastika - are falling all over themselves apologizing and bowing and scraping to ZOG.

They were forced to be lectured to by the local Jew community and Anne Frank’s fake half-sister.

They well knew Jews could destroy their lives forever and ever - ruin their changes of going to college, getting a career, etc., and branding them in perpetuity as Nazi Bigot Haters.

Just as David Duke - who put on KKK robes when he was 19 years old is forever and ever branded in the headlines: “White Supremacist Klan Leader” ever single time his name is mentioned in the media.


some old vedic literature and writings shows it has this meaning… Related image


When Americans say they’re free what do they mean? Free from what? It certainly isn’t freedom of expression nor speech.

Remember the 12 year old boy arrested for drawing a swastika.

The absolute state of (((amerikikea)))

Some kids draw swastikas for the laughs becomes a national scandal


This is more proof that Hitler dindu nuffinz and that white tribalism and every fathomable aspect of our people standing together is not to be even thought of by anyone .


Land of the free everybody. Yeah right !

The group of kids who go to that school are on national news and are having their lives threatened. A female student at the school shouted out loud if anyone wants to come with her after school to their houses. People from all around SoCal are bragging about doxing the kids involved.


Yeah I enjoyed looking at the God’s created rainbow sure that’s a inspiration, but in the back of my head I always think of these fags ruined God’s creation as hijacking the symbol, if they never existed, then all can enjoy seeing one after a depressing rain without even thinking of these degenerate people as God has intended us to enjoy.


The homos are taking care of that, they will destroy that association through infighting. Poo people were whining about being left out so they updated it.
It will only take a few more deviant groups and the rainbow will be washed clean of the association. Funny story, fags are infighting because people have pointed out that the B in LGBT stands for Bi meaning there are two genders. Gender fluids are discharging from every orifice.


Well that’s great news so I can view the God’s rainbow with better thoughts! Thanks man.


The sight of the beautiful Suncross always fills my heart with joy. It must become the official german flag again, after the coming revolution and the great purge…
Das ewige Banner soll wieder wehen.