Star Wars "The Mandalorian" Trailer Features Mostly Browns and Blacks


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Disney is continuing to use the Star Wars franchise as a means to kike the goyim. They’ve just released a trailer for “The Mandalorian” a new Star Wars themed series that they’ll be streaming on their new Disney+ streaming service.

The first thing I noticed about it is that almost all of the “human” characters are either brown or black. They even brought in Carl Weathers aka Apollo Creed from the Rocky movies to play a character. The brown guy from Breaking Bad is also in the series.

But even if they decided to put some effort into writing a somewhat interesting plot, this continued concept of replacing White characters with all these non-White actors is going to be a major turnoff for audiences.

Let’s face facts. The Star Wars franchise is pretty much dead already. The Disney Jews killed it with the last two big Star Wars film releases and the horrible spinoff films they put out over the past several years. These movies have been littered with feminist propaganda, race-mixing nonsense and other social justice warrior bullshit.

So just based on Disney’s abysmal track record and all of these brown and black characters that are in “The Mandalorian,” I have zero interest in watching it. Same goes for the “Rise of Skywalker” film which is set to come out shortly after this is released.


How far things have come since (((Disney))) took over the SW franchise


Yeah, the only brown character in that picture is Chewbacca.


I’ve seen a lot of Star Wars fan-fic online that is far more creative and interesting to watch than Disneyberg’s crap. Besides, I don’t think most Zoomers are very interested in that saga anyway.




They begin by injecting a few black characters, working up to the point of a full blown unwatchable propaganda fest.


I really liked the first 3 Star Wars movies when i was a kid. But i didn’t care about the countless sequels, prequels or whatever came after that. The happy end of the 3rd movie in the camp of those fluffy Ewoks would have been a decent end to the saga. No further Star Wars movies would have been necessary after that one. But instead “they” destroyed the whole franchise with those countless abominations which came after it…
I remember when i accidently saw the trailer where suddenly that nigger stormtrooper appeared. That was quite awful to watch, but somehow it makes sense: I always wondered what was wrong with those stormtroopers. They were running around pointless, always shooting like maniacs, but never hit anything. Instead they managed to get hit by every single enemy laser bullet. So there is only one logical conclusion: There must be niggers behind those costumes. The stormtroopers are space-niggers, probably hired from some shithole planets.


Why spend money to see browns and blacks? You can see those subhumans for free 24/7 in any city in the US.


The first 3 star wars movies were epic, and i remember them from being a child and it fosters great memories of a saner time.


He dindu nuffinz

There used to be a funny meme with storm trooper ape that said “Dat no moon ,boss”